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Good morning. In today's dose of 'technology meets nostalgia,' a YouTuber has brought to life every '90s kid's dream by creating a working Pokédex powered by ChatGPT. Yes, you heard that right!

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🚀 Google revolutionizes AI landscape with Gemini Ultra launch: Setting new standards for advanced AI capabilities and integrated productivity solutions

🛑 FCC officially declares AI-generated voice robocalls illegal: A decisive step towards protecting consumers from digital scams and unauthorized automated calls

🛡️ OpenAI forms a new team to study child safety: A strategic move towards ensuring responsible AI interaction for minors amidst increasing regulatory and public scrutiny.

🖼️ Apple collaborates with UCSB to launch MGIE: A novel AI image editing model transforming photo modifications through text descriptions.


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❓️ Misc:

AR glasses with multimodal AI nets funding from Pokémon GO creator (link)

📊 Funding:

VAPAR raised $5M for AI-based sewerage system maintenance (link)

TextQL raised $4.1M to automate the data science lifecycle (link)

DXwand raised $4M to automate text and voice interactions between businesses and customers (link)

💰Jobs in AI:

Deep Learning Engineer: Alldus · San Mateo, CA. Hybrid Full-time Associate (apply here)

Google Introduces Gemini Ultra: Elevating AI to New Heights 🚀 

Gemini Ultra: A Leap Forward in AI Technology 

Google has taken a significant step in advancing artificial intelligence by replacing Bard with Gemini Ultra, its most sophisticated large language model yet. This development marks a pivotal moment in Google's AI strategy, emphasizing a shift towards more advanced, integrated AI solutions. Gemini Ultra, available as a premium service through a new Google One tier, signifies Google's commitment to leading the AI space with cutting-edge capabilities and a unified ecosystem across its Workspace applications. Check it out ⤵️ 

Exclusive Access and Global Reach 

Gemini Ultra distinguishes itself by being a premium offering, accessible via a $20 Google One plan that includes additional benefits like 2TB of storage and advanced features across Google's suite of productivity tools. Initially launched in English, with plans to expand into Japanese and Korean, Gemini Ultra aims to set a global standard for AI performance, promising exceptional advancements across text, image, audio, and video processing.

Advanced Capabilities and Enhanced Productivity 

With Gemini Advanced, users gain exclusive access to the Ultra 1.0 model, which is designed to excel at complex tasks such as coding, logical reasoning, and creative collaboration. This plan not only enhances Google's existing suite of services but also positions Gemini Ultra as a cornerstone of AI-driven productivity and creativity, offering a glimpse into the future of how AI can enhance everyday digital interactions.

FCC Cracks Down on AI-Voiced Robocalls, Declaring Them Illegal 🚫

The FCC has officially classified AI-generated voice robocalls as illegal, reinforcing the Telephone Consumer Protection Act's stance against artificial and pre-recorded messages. This move aims to curb the misuse of AI technology in scams and voter suppression tactics, exemplified by recent incidents involving fake calls purportedly from President Biden. The FCC's clarification ensures that all forms of AI-voiced automated calls without consent are prohibited, enhancing consumer protection and deterring potential misuse. This decision underscores the FCC's authority to adapt legal definitions to technological advancements without needing new legislation, reflecting the dynamic nature of digital regulation.

OpenAI Launches Child Safety Team to Safeguard Young Users 🛡️

OpenAI has established a new Child Safety team to address concerns about the misuse of its AI tools by underage users. The initiative involves collaborating with internal groups and external partners to oversee processes and reviews pertinent to child safety. This move aligns with efforts to comply with regulations like the U.S. Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule and reflects OpenAI's commitment to responsible AI usage among children and teenagers. The team's formation follows a partnership with Common Sense Media on AI guidelines for children and signifies OpenAI's proactive stance on navigating the complex landscape of minors' interaction with generative AI tools. This development underscores the growing discourse on the need for strict guidelines and regulations to safeguard young users in the digital age.

Apple Introduces AI Tool for Text-Prompted Image Edits: MGIE Unveiled 🍏

Apple, in collaboration with the University of California, Santa Barbara, has unveiled the MGIE model, a groundbreaking AI image editing tool that allows users to make changes to photos through simple text prompts. The MGIE, or MLLM-Guided Image Editing, can perform tasks such as cropping, resizing, flipping, and adding filters, as well as more complex edits like altering the brightness or shape of specific objects within a photo. This model represents a significant advance in integrating multimodal language models for user-friendly image editing. Apple has made the MGIE model accessible via GitHub and offered a web demo on Hugging Face Spaces, marking its entry into the generative AI space with a focus on enhancing AI features in its devices.


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Here’s the prompt we used today:

“Close up of a campfire

Image 1

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Image 2

  • Ravyn: AI powered platform for Sales & CRM. (link)

  • Koroverse: A tool to transform photos into a narrated story. (link)

  • Map This: A tool to convert PDFs into visual mind maps. (link)

  • Finta: Automate fundraising workflow & grow your business. (link)

  • Piggy: AI powered social story maker (link)

  • SheetAI.app: AI-powered tool to generate formulas for Google Sheets. (link)

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Learning New Skills with AI: Tailored Guidance with ChatGPT

How It Works:

  • Skill Identification: Specify the skill you're eager to learn or improve upon. ChatGPT can guide you from the basics to more complex aspects of your chosen skill.

  • Customized Learning Path: Set specific learning objectives with ChatGPT. Whether it's mastering a concept or reaching a certain proficiency level, outline your goals for a structured learning plan.

  • Practice and Feedback: Implement the techniques or knowledge shared by ChatGPT. Use the platform to get feedback, ask for further clarification, or adjust your learning plan based on your progress.

Why Use It?

  • Adaptive Learning: ChatGPT adapts its instructional approach to fit your knowledge level, learning pace, and preferred learning style, offering a personalized experience.

  • Diverse Skill Coverage: From languages and coding to artistic pursuits or physical fitness, ChatGPT can assist in a wide range of skill areas.

  • Support and Encouragement: ChatGPT not only provides information but also encouragement and strategies to overcome challenges, keeping you motivated throughout your learning journey.

Prompt Example:

"Develop a comprehensive plan to learn [specific skill, e.g., guitar playing] as a beginner. I have [any prior knowledge/experience], and my goal is to [desired skill level or achievement, e.g., play a full song]. Include structured learning steps, practice exercises, and tips for staying motivated."


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