⚙️ Deepfake phone calls

Good morning. In a plot twist that even Hollywood couldn't makeup, AI scammers played dress-up as a company’s CFO in a video call, swindling $26 million. Looks like deepfakes are not just for creating awkward celebrity videos anymore.

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🇪🇺 EU Takes Aim at AI-Generated child abuse content in proposed update to laws

🤝 Entrust announces strategic acquisition of Onfido for over $400 million, aiming to bolster its security services with advanced AI-based identity verification technology

📞 Life Corporation and telecom provider Lingo implicated in distributing AI-generated fake Biden calls to suppress voter turnout in New Hampshire, sparking an extensive legal investigation."

⭕️ Meta announces plans to broaden the scope of AI-generated content labeling on its platforms, aiming to enhance transparency and combat misinformation in a critical election year.


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❓️ Misc:

Ikea’s AI assistant attempts to give design inspiration (link)

OnePlus is adding AI features to its phones (link)

📊 Funding:

Spellbook raised $20M for its AI copilot for lawyers (link)

Vital Interaction raised $15M to combine healthcare data, business intelligence, and workflow automation (link)

Cultivo raised $14M fornature-based carbon removal projects (link)

💰Jobs in AI:

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🇪🇺 EU Proposes New Laws to Criminalize AI-Generated CSA and Deepfakes

The European Commission has proposed updates to EU law that would criminalize AI-generated imagery depicting child sexual abuse (CSA) and deep fakes. This aims to close loopholes as generative AI creates new ways to produce abusive content. The proposal is part of a wider package to boost prevention and support for CSA victims.

New Offenses for Emerging Threats

The law would create new criminal offenses for AI-generated CSA, livestreaming abuse, and distributing offender manuals. Possession of deepfakes and synthetic media depicting abuse could also become illegal. This addresses the growing dangers of realistic generative content being misused to produce CSA material.

Complementing Controversial Scanning Rules

The Commission sees this as complementary to its previous proposal requiring messaging platforms to scan for CSA material. While that law remains contested, the AI focus reflects rising concern over synthetic media and the need for updated rules. Dual investment in tech regulation and innovation is touted as the balanced approach.

Empowering Law Enforcement

By closing legal loopholes, the proposal aims to help law enforcement tackle offenders exploiting new tech. Combined with more prevention and victim support, the goal is to reduce the impunity around online CSA. But co-legislators must still agree on final laws before the directive can come into force.

Entrust Set to Acquire AI Identity Verification Firm Onfido for Over $400M 🤝

Entrust, a leader in certification and verification services, is acquiring AI-based identity verification startup Onfido for more than $400 million, aiming to integrate Onfido's AI tools into its extensive technology stack. The deal, still under regulatory review, marks a significant move in enhancing digital identity verification capabilities. Onfido, known for its use of computer vision and AI for identity verification, gained prominence, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, as digital transactions and the need for secure digital identity solutions surged. This acquisition reflects the growing importance of advanced security technologies in addressing the challenges of digital services and data protection.

AI-Generated 'Biden' Calls Linked to Texan Company Life Corporation in Voter Suppression Scheme 📞

In New Hampshire, voters received AI-generated calls falsely claiming to be from President Biden, advising them not to participate in the primary election. The source of these calls was traced back to Life Corporation, a Texas-based entity with a history of disseminating disinformation. The calls were transmitted through Lingo, a telecom provider known by various names and previously flagged for illegal operations. Both the FCC and California's AG Rob Bonta have been involved in the investigation, which revealed Life Corporation's longstanding history of similar activities. Legal actions, including cease and desist orders, have been initiated against Life Corporation and Lingo, marking the beginning of a broader legal examination into these deceptive practices. Listen to the recording below ⤵️ 

Meta Expands AI Content Labeling Amid Election Misinformation Concerns 🗳️

On a rather fitting note, Meta plans to expand its labeling of AI-generated imagery across its platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, to include content created by external generative AI tools, provided it can detect industry-standard indicators. This development is part of Meta's efforts to combat dis- and misinformation, especially crucial in an election-heavy year. While Meta already labels content from its "Imagine with Meta" tool, this marks a new step towards addressing synthetic imagery from other sources. The company is working on common standards with industry partners for better detection but has not detailed the extent of AI-generated content on its platforms. Meta also explores using AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) to enforce its Community Standards more effectively amid broader challenges in moderating harmful content.

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