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Good morning. Not even Elon Musk is safe from his new AI chatbot Grok, designed for humor and wit after it playfully roasted its creator by calling him a "delicate little flower" and a "giant man-child.

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  • 🌐Pioneering Partnership for an AI-Ready Workforce

  • 📉 AI-Playgirism in Financial Content

  • 🚀 Mistral AI’s $2B Valuation

🌐 AFL-CIO and Microsoft: Pioneering Partnership for an AI-Ready Workforce

 Microsoft and the AFL-CIO are collaborating to facilitate the transition of workers into an AI-enhanced future. This partnership, unique in its focus on labor rather than AI's job displacement potential, includes educational sessions about AI, labor summits for worker feedback, and support for policies to equip workers with the necessary skills and knowledge for an AI-driven economy. A specialized AI curriculum will also be available on LinkedIn for sectors most affected by AI. This strategy addresses AI-related concerns, offering a distinct approach to integrating AI into the workforce. Click the video below to learn more.

📉 Investing.com Under Fire for AI-Driven Plagiarism of Financial Content

Investing.com, a financial news platform owned by Joffre Capital, has been caught using AI to replicate content from other sites, resulting in accusations of plagiarism. The AI-generated articles are criticized for diminishing the quality of the original material. Critics assert that such practices won't help the site achieve its aspiration to be the "Bloomberg of retail investing.”

🚀 Mistral AI Rockets to $2 Billion Valuation Post-Series A Funding.

Mistral AI, a French startup, has completed a Series A funding round, raising €385 million and valuing the company at $2 billion. It's opening a commercial platform and has released new AI models; Andreessen Horowitz and Lightspeed Venture Partners are leading the funding round, along with a roster of investors. Mistral AI aims to be a European leader in generative AI with an open technology approach, contributing to the EU's AI Act discussions.

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  1. The Seattle Hub for Synthetic Biology, a collaborative effort with $75M funding, is set to advance "DNA typewriter" technology for real-time cellular monitoring, promising new insights into biological processes.

  1. BlackRock is set to release generative AI tools to clients, aiming to enhance its Aladdin and eFront systems for improved risk management and productivity while maintaining quality control and data privacy within its "walled garden."

  1. Inflection AI's new chatbot "Pi," developed by DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, launches as an Android app, offering unique conversational features and marking a significant step in AI chatbot competition, particularly against OpenAI's ChatGPT.

  1. A study by the University of Warwick claims that AI can analyze and diagnose conditions from X-rays as effectively as doctors, using software trained on over 1.5 million chest X-rays, potentially easing doctors' workload and providing reliable second opinions.

  1. Nvidia, the world's leading chipmaker, has become a major investor in AI startups this year, participating in 35 deals, focusing on companies that use its technology, and aiming to strengthen its position in the AI sector.

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  • Freeflo:  Create better AI images with beautiful, free and endlessly reusable style prompts for Midjourney, Clipdrop, Firefly, and DALL-E (link)*

  • Afforai: Second brain to maximize productivity (link)

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Around 28% of people fully trust AI and 42% generally accept it, indicating a trend of growing acceptance, with younger generations like Millennials more optimistic about AI's benefits compared to Baby Boomers.

Source: Tidio

AI-Driven Enhancements for Business Presentations

Incorporating AI tools into the creation of business presentations can significantly enhance their effectiveness and impact.

How It Works:

  1. Content Development: ChatGPT can assist in developing the core content of the presentation, from drafting outlines to refining key points.

  2. Language Optimization: Utilizing AI for language suggestions, the tool can enhance the clarity and persuasiveness of the presentation's text.

  3. Conceptual Planning: ChatGPT aids in structuring the presentation, suggesting the flow of topics and transitions to maintain audience engagement.

Why Use It?

  • Streamlined Content Creation: AI assists in quickly developing and organizing presentation content.

  • Enhanced Communication: AI's language processing ensures that the presentation's message is conveyed clearly and effectively.

  • Cohesive Structure: AI helps in logically structuring the presentation for maximum impact.

Prompt Example:

'ChatGPT, I'm preparing a business presentation about [specific topic]. Help me draft an outline that covers the following points: [list of points]. Additionally, provide suggestions for an engaging introduction and a strong conclusion.'


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