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📍 Next-Gen Safety: Tack One Unveils AI-Powered Trackers at CES 2024 - A Game-Changer for Protecting Children, Seniors, and Pets

🚀 OpenAI Unveils GPT Store: AI Chatbots for All: Customizable AI apps launched in a user-friendly store, signaling a new era in generative AI applications.

🛍️ Walmart's AI Leap: Smarter Shopping & Replenishment: Revealing AI-driven search, replenishment tools, and AR platform ‘Shop with Friends’ at CES for a futuristic retail experience

🤖 Quora & a16z Team Up for Poe’s AI Revolution: $75M Boost for Chatbot Creativity - Quora secures funding from Andreessen Horowitz to expand Poe, aiming to revolutionize the creator economy through AI chatbots.

📍 Tack One’s Breakthrough: Next-Gen AI Trackers for Safety at CES 2024

A Leap in Location Technology for Vulnerable Groups

Tack One, emerging from Singapore’s vibrant startup scene, has unveiled its latest innovation, the Tack GPS Plus, at CES 2024. This advanced GPS tracker is designed to safeguard the most vulnerable – children, seniors, and pets. What sets it apart is its blend of AI, IoT, and smart sensor technologies, enabling precise location tracking, including a novel indoor elevation feature for multistory buildings. This device addresses a crucial need: reliable, long-lasting safety solutions in our fast-paced, urbanized world.

Learn about Tack One ⬇️ 

Why It Matters:

The Tack GPS Plus is a beacon of security in an era where the safety of loved ones is a growing concern. Its ability to provide accurate location data indoors and outdoors marks a significant advancement in personal safety technology. The accompanying OurSphere app, which allows for real-time location sharing and tracking of multiple devices, underscores a shift towards a more interconnected approach to safety. This technology is particularly pertinent for caregivers of individuals with conditions like Alzheimer’s, offering them a new layer of support and peace of mind.

The Takeaway:

Tack One’s innovation represents a product and a movement toward empowering individuals with tools to protect what’s dear to them. In a world where uncertainties abound, having access to reliable and affordable safety technology like the Tack GPS Plus can make a tangible difference in people’s lives.


Every single day, your personal info—your phone number, birthday, even your Social Security number—is being peddled by data brokers to anyone willing to pay top dollar. Who's grabbing hold of your data? Best-case scenario: companies bombarding you with ads. Worst-case scenario: sly scammers and identity thieves. 

Dealing with spam calls is like cracking a mystery case. 🕵️‍♀️ But here's the savvy move: finding a way to let those bothersome calls bother you less. That's where Incogni steps in. 

It erases your personal data from the internet, standing up to those data brokers on your behalf. Safeguard yourself from identity theft, leaks of your personal info, spam calls, even those sneaky hikes in health insurance rates, and more. 

🚀 OpenAI Unveils GPT Store

OpenAI has launched the GPT Store, a new platform offering custom AI-powered chatbot apps, including GPT-4 and DALL-E 3 models. Accessible via a new tab in the ChatGPT client, the store showcases GPTs developed by OpenAI’s partners and the dev community, categorized into various sectors like lifestyle and education. Access requires a subscription to OpenAI's premium plans. The GPTs, easy to create without coding experience, can perform diverse tasks. OpenAI plans to monetize this by Q1, paying developers based on user engagement. This initiative marks a significant step in democratizing generative AI app creation, potentially disrupting traditional consultancy models. Watch the video below to learn everything you need to know 👇️ 

🛍️ Walmart's AI Leap: Smarter Shopping & Replenishment

At CES, Walmart unveiled advanced AI tools, enhancing the customer shopping experience. A key highlight is the new generative AI search feature on iOS, allowing customers to search by use cases, rivaling Google’s search technology. This AI integration spans various product categories for intuitive, context-based searches. Additionally, Walmart introduced an AI-powered replenishment system for frequent orders, integrating with its InHome service. The company also debuted 'Shop with Friends', an AR social commerce platform. These innovations are part of Walmart’s “adaptive retail” strategy, blending e-commerce with in-store experiences and also extending AI applications to other areas like Sam’s Club and store associate tools. Watch Walmarts keynote speech ⬇️ 

🤖 Quora & a16z Team Up for Poe’s AI Revolution

Quora, the renowned Q&A platform, has secured a substantial $75 million investment from Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) to expand Poe, its innovative AI chatbot platform. This marks Quora's first funding round in nearly seven years and represents a strategic shift towards developing a unique creator economy around AI chatbots. The funding primarily aims to support bot creators on Poe through a new monetization program, incentivizing talented developers with financial rewards. Poe, integrating various AI models like ChatGPT, DALL-E 3, and others, offers a rich toolset for creators. Despite a reduced valuation compared to its last funding, Quora exhibits strong growth, with Poe showing significant user engagement and download figures.

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Anna Ridler is an innovative London-based artist who delves into the creative potential of machine learning, using self-generated data sets to craft new narratives across various mediums.

What does she do?

Ridler explores the intersection of technology and art, particularly how machine learning can transform drawing and painting into dynamic storytelling methods.

What’s in her toolbox?

Her tools are as diverse as her media, involving machine learning programs, data sets, and performance to create art that ranges from visual to auditory experiences.

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AI-Assisted Interview Preparation

How It Works:

  • Input Job Role: Share the job title or description you're preparing for.

  • Select Interview Types: Choose from behavioral, technical, case study, or general interviews.

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Why Use It?

  • Tailored Preparation: Get specific questions based on the job you're aiming for.

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  • Feedback on Responses: Optionally, you can use AI to evaluate and give feedback on your answers.

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"Generate a list of [behavioral/technical/case study/general] interview questions for a [specific job role] position, and provide tips for answering them."


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