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👀 Slack leverages AI to uncover insights in platform content: New search and summarization features aim to improve enterprise users' information discovery

🔄 Apple’s latest prototype AI tool can animate images using text descriptions: Keyframer joins Apple’s expanding list of generative AI projects, pushing the boundaries of creative automation

🚪 Andrej Karpathy is leaving OpenAI again — but he says there was no drama: A serene exit to focus on personal projects amidst OpenAI's evolving landscape

🚀 Airbnb plans to use AI, including its GamePlanner acquisition, to create the ‘ultimate concierge’: A visionary leap towards a personalized and intuitive travel interface

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Google’s Gemini is impressive! (link)

Hackers are into ChatGPT! (link)

Top 10 artificial intelligence certifications and courses for 2024. (link)

📊 Funding:

Zededa raised $72M to power AI tools (link)

Unlearn raised $50M to optimize clinical research with AI-powered digital twin technology (link)

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C Expert AI Training: Braintrust · California, United States · Remote · Part-time · Associate (apply here)


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👀 Slack Adds AI Search and Summarization to Platform

Slack has introduced new AI capabilities like enhanced search and channel summarization to help users more easily access and glean insights from content shared across the platform. Take a look at the demo ⤵️ 

Surfacing Hidden Knowledge

By applying AI models to Slack's informal, unstructured information, the features aim to uncover and summarize the wealth of institutional knowledge stored over time. Users can now ask questions naturally and get AI-generated answers sourced from Slack data. Summaries also condense channel conversations into digestible overviews.

Transparent and Customized

Slack tailored the models for its own data and showed references for answers to build trust. Quality checks also help improve performance. However, the features come at an additional enterprise cost.

Animating with AI: Apple's Keyframer Transforms Text into Motion 🔄

Apple's research team has introduced Keyframer, a cutting-edge generative AI tool designed to animate 2D images through simple text descriptions. Leveraging OpenAI's GPT4, Keyframer allows users to animate Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) files by generating CSS code from text prompts like "make the stars twinkle." This innovation aims to explore the untapped potential of large language models (LLMs) in the animation sector, offering a user-friendly platform where no coding knowledge is required. Keyframer is highlighted as a step towards simplifying animation processes, yet it's currently in the prototype stage and not publicly available. The tool represents Apple's ongoing commitment to generative AI projects, including Human Gaussian Splats (HUGS) for creating animation-ready human avatars and MGIE for text-based image editing, marking Apple's expanding presence in the AI-driven creative tools landscape.

Andrej Karpathy Exits OpenAI Again, Citing Personal Projects, Not Drama 🚪

Andrej Karpathy, a founding member of OpenAI and a prominent figure in the AI community, has announced his departure from OpenAI for the second time, emphasizing that his exit is not related to any specific event, issue, or drama. Having initially left OpenAI in 2017 to lead Tesla's autopilot team before returning nearly a year ago, Karpathy has decided to leave again to focus on personal projects. Despite a year of notable developments at OpenAI, including the brief ousting of CEO Sam Altman, Karpathy's departure is marked by his positive reflection on the team's strength, the exciting roadmap ahead, and his contributions to the company. OpenAI has stated that Karpathy's responsibilities have been handed over to a senior researcher as the company continues to advance in its AI research and development.

Transforming Travel: Airbnb's AI Ambition to Personalize Guest Experiences with Generative AI 🚀

Airbnb is set to revolutionize the travel and hospitality industry by incorporating AI, notably through its acquisition of GamePlanner.AI, a stealth AI firm co-founded by Siri’s co-founder, valued at $200 million. CEO Brian Chesky outlined Airbnb's vision to excel at the application layer of AI, creating an innovative AI interface rather than developing its own large language models. This strategy involves leveraging AI technologies from giants like OpenAI, Meta, and Google to enhance user experiences, making the platform more intuitive and personalized, akin to an "ultimate concierge." Chesky emphasized the transformative potential of AI in shifting user interfaces and behaviors, indicating a significant evolution from Airbnb's current offerings. While specifics on AI-driven products and services remain under wraps, Airbnb's ambition to integrate generative AI for tasks like writing review summaries hints at a future where technology deeply personalizes and enhances the travel experience. However, the challenge of ensuring AI accuracy and avoiding misinformation, or "hallucinations," remains a critical concern as Airbnb embarks on this ambitious journey.


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  • Podsemble: AI powered tool for podcast production with research, transcription, content generation, and management. (link)

  • Varolio: AI-powered automation tool for email prioritization and centralized communication. (link)

  • Zocket: A generative AI platform to create and deploy social media ads. (link)

  • Trademark Owl: AI trademark registration tool to minimize complications. (link)

  • Caption My Photos: AI-powered tool that automatically generate creative and personalized captions for photos. (link)

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