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Good morning. The intriguing theft of Pokémon cards from the Van Gogh Museum sparks a curious thought: could we reimagine these unique collectibles using Midjourney or DALL-E? 🤔

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🚔️ Bridging the AI Divide: NAIRR's Pilot Program Unleashes Federal and Tech Giants' Resources for Inclusive Research Growth

🤖 Revolutionizing Data Queries: TextQL's AI-Powered Business Intelligence Unveiled

🚀 EU's Supercomputing Revamp: A Strategic Leap for Generative AI Innovation

🎁 Etsy's 'Gift Mode': A Leap Towards AI-Enhanced Personalized Gifting, Redefining the Joy of Giving with Over 200 Tailored Guides

🚀 NAIRR Launches Pilot Program: Empowering AI Research with Federal Resources

A year after its proposal, the National AI Research Resource (NAIRR) pilot program is now live, heralding a new era for AI research in the U.S. This initiative, backed by the Biden administration, aims to democratize AI technology and maintain the U.S.'s competitive edge on the global stage by providing public-access tools and resources to AI researchers and engineers. With an $800 million annual budget, NAIRR unites federal agencies like the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, NASA, NOAA, DARPA, and tech giants, including OpenAI, Anthropic, Nvidia, Meta, Amazon, and Microsoft, to offer a comprehensive suite of resources to qualified researchers.

The program is designed to function like a grant-making body rather than offering unrestricted access to computational power, focusing on evaluating applications to distribute resources effectively. NAIRR's goal is to make AI resources, previously concentrated among a few tech behemoths, accessible to a wider array of researchers, thereby fostering a more inclusive AI research environment.

Focus Areas and Strategic Goals

NAIRR's pilot phase is structured around four primary focus areas: NAIRR Open for broad AI resource access, NAIRR Secure for projects requiring heightened privacy, NAIRR Software for development tools, and NAIRR Classroom for education and training initiatives. This structured approach ensures tailored support across various AI applications, from academic research to practical sector implementations.


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Every day, personal details like your phone number, date of birth, and even your Social Security number are traded by data brokers to anyone who can afford it. Your data could end up anywhere—from relentless ad campaigns to the hands of fraudsters and identity thieves.

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That’s where Incogni steps in.

Incogni actively removes your personal information from the digital world, boldly challenging data brokers for you. 

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🔍 TextQL Bridges AI and Business Data for Smarter Decisions

TextQL, founded by Mark Hay and Ethan Ding, aims to revolutionize how businesses interact with their data by integrating AI-powered intelligence, specifically leveraging large language models like OpenAI's ChatGPT and GPT-4. This innovative platform is designed to understand the unique language of a company's data, enabling business teams to make data-driven decisions efficiently. By mapping a company’s database to the key "nouns" of its operations, TextQL facilitates on-demand queries, connecting to business intelligence tools and referencing documentation from data catalogs. Beyond answering queries, it can automate actions such as emailing reports, positioning itself as a valuable tool in optimizing productivity, especially in lean economic times. With a focus on sectors ranging from healthcare to media, TextQL has already attracted a diverse customer base and secured significant funding, setting a promising trajectory for growth in the realm of enterprise data management. Learn more about how textQL works below ⬇️ 

🌍 EU Targets AI Ascendancy with Supercomputer Strategy for Startups

The EU is advancing its supercomputer capabilities to support generative AI startups, aiming to strengthen its position in the global AI market. This initiative, part of a wider "AI innovation package," is designed to provide SMEs and startups with access to high-performance computing resources essential for AI development. Spearheaded by key EU figures, the plan includes creating "AI Factories" that combine computing power, data, algorithms, and talent to foster a robust AI ecosystem. Alongside infrastructure upgrades, the EU proposes policy adaptations and the establishment of the AI Office to oversee AI regulation, targeting a seamless integration of AI startups into Europe's digital landscape.

🎁 Etsy Unwraps AI-Powered 'Gift Mode': Personalized Shopping Revolution

Etsy has launched Gift Mode, an AI-driven feature designed to simplify the gift-shopping process. By answering a quick quiz about the recipient's interests and the occasion, users receive personalized gift guides from Etsy's vast selection of over 100 million items, tailored to over 200 unique personas like "The Music Lover" or "The Video Gamer." Developed with the help of OpenAI's GPT-4 and Etsy's machine-learning capabilities, Gift Mode aims to alleviate gift-shopping anxiety, which 71% of survey respondents experienced last year. The feature is part of Etsy's broader strategy to enhance the gifting experience, backed by continuous investment in AI to refine search and recommendation systems. Additionally, Etsy's new "Share & Save" program offers a reduced transaction fee, highlighting its commitment to supporting independent sellers amid evolving seller fees. Learn more about the new feature below 👇️ 

So close, yet so far.

Giving away the prompt is proving to add good value to Real or AI.

Here’s the prompt we used today:

“A notebook with blank paper, next to a pen and a green plant.”

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Image 2

  • Salad: Provides you with an affordable GPU cloud for your business (link)

  • Noah: An AI work assistant integrated with Google Drive, Notion, and more. (link)

  • Sonia: Mental health for every mind (link)

  • Equals: An AI assistant for your spreadsheet (link)

  • Mailogy: Talk to your email with AI (link)

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AI for Optimized Project Management

How It Works:

  • Project Parameters: Input the specifics of your project, including deadlines, resources, and objectives.

  • Task Prioritization: AI analyzes the project components and prioritizes tasks based on efficiency and impact.

  • Dynamic Adjustments: Receive ongoing recommendations for adjustments as the project progresses.

Why Use It?

  • Streamlined Workflow: AI helps organize and streamline project tasks for maximum efficiency.

  • Adaptive Planning: AI adjusts plans in real-time based on project developments and unforeseen challenges.

  • Enhanced Productivity: Make more informed decisions with AI's insights, leading to successful project outcomes.

Prompt Example:

"Optimize the project management plan for [specific project] in my role as [your profession/role]."


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