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Good morning. 2024, with major elections in the UK, the US, and India, is set to be the largest election year ever, but experts warn that the world is unprepared for the influence of advanced AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney on these democratic processes.

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  • 🎵 Microsoft Copilot adds AI song creation

  • 🤖 OpenAI’s new safety framework

  • 🗣️ AI in politics

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🎼 Microsoft Copilot Teams Up with Suno for AI-Generated Song Creation

Microsoft's AI-powered chatbot, Copilot, now offers a new feature to compose songs through an integration with the gen AI music app, Suno. Users can input prompts into Copilot, and Suno, via a plugin, generates full songs with lyrics, instrumentals, and vocals. Accessible through Microsoft Edge, this feature is part of a growing trend in AI-driven music creation. However, it raises ethical and legal concerns regarding artists' consent and copyright issues. The future of Gen AI music's legal status is uncertain, with new Senate legislation potentially impacting the rights of artists over their digital likenesses.

🤖 OpenAI's New Safety Framework: Tackling AI's Catastrophic Risk

OpenAI is enhancing its safety protocols by forming a new "safety advisory group" to oversee AI development risks. This move, prompted by recent leadership changes and growing discussions about AI safety, aims to more effectively identify and manage potential catastrophic risks. OpenAI's updated "Preparedness Framework" categorizes risks into cybersecurity, persuasion, model autonomy, and CBRN threats, with a focus on preventing the deployment of high-risk models. The framework includes teams dedicated to in-production models, developing frontier models, and theoretical guidelines for superintelligent models. Despite these measures, concerns remain about the effectiveness of the board's veto power and transparency in handling critical risks.

🗣️ Imran Khan's AI Voice Clone: Campaigning from Behind Bars

Imran Khan, Pakistan's former prime minister, is utilizing AI voice cloning technology for political campaigning while in prison. His party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), released a four-minute video using AI voice clone technology from ElevenLabs. This video, part of a virtual rally, features Khan's AI-generated voice based on his notes. The script was edited by his legal team to match his style. Despite government efforts to restrict access to social media platforms, the virtual rally attracted over 500,000 views on YouTube, demonstrating the innovative use of AI in political communication and the challenges it poses for traditional media controls. Click the tweet below to listen to the video.

  1. Harvey AI, a generative AI tool centered around legal use cases, has just raised $80,000,000 in a series B funding round co-led by Elad Gil and Kleiner Perkins. There was also participation from the OpenAI startup fund and Sequoia.

  1. Anthropic has updated its terms of service for users of its AI chatbot, Claude, committing to defend and cover settlement costs for copyright infringement claims starting January 1st, 2024. However, this protection does not apply if users knowingly or reasonably should know they are infringing copyright.

  1. Susan Zhuang, a New York City council member-elect, used AI to answer a questionnaire from a local news publication, citing her use of AI as a tool to aid understanding due to English not being her first language. This incident raises questions about the appropriateness of AI use in politics as AI-generated content becomes increasingly prevalent in political campaigns and communication.

  1. Meltwater, known for media monitoring and AI-based business intelligence, is receiving an investment from Norwegian firm Verdane, taking an 11% stake valued at around $65 million.

  1. Expedia is developing AI to offer personalized travel recommendations, aiming to make their website the starting point for trip planning instead of search engines like Google. This strategy involves using AI to analyze a vast library of travel data and user preferences, aiming to streamline the travel planning process and capture more direct web traffic.

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What does she do?
She uses an AI system called Doug (Drawing Operations Unit, Generation Four) to track her drawing movements, creating AI-assisted artworks. These pieces are often displayed in real-time at large venues, showcasing a unique physical integration of technology in art.

Here is her work:

Exquisite Corpus

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