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🫢 Nvidia's CEO Jensen Huang Forecasts Artificial General Intelligence Within Five Years and Offers Solutions to Tackle AI Hallucinations

🚀 GitHub Unveils Autofix Feature: AI-Powered Code Scanning to Secure Software Development

📰 France Hits Google with $270M Fine for Copyright Breach and AI Training Misuse with News Publishers' Data

🤖 Spam Alert: OpenAI's GPT Store Struggles with Moderation, Filled with Questionable AI Chatbots

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What else can Humane’s AI pin do? (link)

GPT-5 release date 👀 (link)

$40 billion AI investment fund? (link)

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Hippocratic AI raised $53M for its safety-focused LLM for healthcare (link)

Proscia raised $46M for digital pathology software  (link)

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Nvidia's CEO Predicts AGI Within Five Years, Addresses AI Hallucinations

AGI's Approaching Horizon

At Nvidia's annual GTC developer conference, CEO Jensen Huang offered a bold prediction on the timeline for achieving Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), suggesting it could be as near as five years away. Unlike narrow AI, which excels in specific tasks, AGI would possess the ability to perform a wide range of cognitive functions at or above human levels. This capability raises profound questions about the future interaction between humans and machines, including concerns about AGI's decision-making processes and alignment with human values.

Clarifying the Path to AGI

Huang emphasized the importance of defining AGI precisely to gauge its arrival accurately. He proposed that setting specific benchmarks, such as the ability of AI to surpass human performance in complex exams or logical reasoning, could serve as indicators of AGI's development. This approach demystifies the journey towards AGI, moving the conversation from speculative to measurable outcomes.

Solving AI Hallucinations

Another critical topic Huang addressed was the challenge of AI hallucinations—instances where AI systems generate plausible but factually incorrect answers. He suggested that this issue is solvable through retrieval-augmented generation, essentially instructing AI to conduct thorough research before delivering answers. This method emphasizes the importance of fact-checking and source evaluation, underscoring Nvidia's commitment to enhancing the reliability and accuracy of AI-generated content.


Build an AI Search Engine

The Brave Search API brings affordable developer access to the Brave Search index: an independent index of the Web with over 20 billion webpages. 

What makes it different?

  • Built on real page visits from actual humans—collected anonymously, of course—which filters out tons of junk data.

  • Independent and built from scratch—that means no Big Tech biases or extortionate prices.

  • Index is refreshed with tens of millions of pages daily, so it always has accurate, up-to-date information.

The Brave Search API can be used to assemble a dataset to train your AI models, and help with retrieval augmentation at the time of inference. All while remaining affordable with developer-first pricing.

Integrating the Brave Search API into your workflow translates to more ethical data sourcing and more human-representative datasets. 

GitHub Launches AI-Powered Autofix Tool to Combat Code Vulnerabilities 🛠️

GitHub has introduced a beta version of its code-scanning autofix feature, designed to identify and rectify security vulnerabilities directly within the coding process. Leveraging the power of GitHub’s Copilot and the semantic code analysis engine, CodeQL, this new tool promises to automatically fix over two-thirds of detected vulnerabilities, often without requiring any manual code modifications by developers. Initially supporting languages such as JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, and Python, the feature aims to streamline the debugging process for GitHub Advanced Security customers, saving valuable development time and allowing security teams to concentrate on more critical protective strategies. Take a look 👇️ 

Google Fined $270M in France Over News Content Misuse for AI Training 🇫🇷

France's competition authority has fined Google €250 million ($270 million) for failing to fulfill its commitments with news publishers and improperly using their content to train its generative AI model, Bard/Gemini. This decision stems from an ongoing dispute over copyright protections for news snippets and Google's obligations to negotiate fair payment with publishers for content reuse. The Autorité criticized Google for not notifying news publishers about the GenAI use of their copyrighted content and for not providing a technical solution for publishers to opt out of this use without affecting their presence on Google's other services until late September 2023. Additionally, Autorité pointed out other shortcomings of Google's negotiation, including opaque information about payment calculations and discriminatory practices.

OpenAI's GPT Store Overrun by Spam and Questionable Content 🚨

OpenAI's GPT Store, the official marketplace for custom chatbots (GPTs) powered by OpenAI's generative AI models, is currently facing criticism for a proliferation of questionable content. Despite requiring developers to verify their profiles and submit GPTs for review, the GPT Store has been inundated with bizarre and potentially copyright-infringing chatbots, including those purporting to offer art in the style of Disney and Marvel properties. Concerns are also raised about GPTs that advertise the ability to bypass AI content detection tools like Turnitin and Copyleaks. The rapid growth of the GPT Store, boasting about 3 million GPTs, seems to have compromised quality and adherence to OpenAI's terms, raising issues of copyright infringement, academic dishonesty, impersonation and attempts at jailbreaking OpenAI’s models.

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