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Good morning. Apple's AI research is heating up, signaling its intent to match strides with major tech players in the generative artificial intelligence space. It looks like it’s only a matter of time before we see SiriGPT as a fully-fledged consumer LLM.

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🚫 Rite Aid Faces FTC Ban for Misuse of Facial Recognition Tech

Rite Aid, a U.S. drugstore chain, has been prohibited from using facial recognition technology for five years by the FTC following its "reckless use," which resulted in humiliation and privacy risks for customers. This decision is pending U.S. Bankruptcy Court approval, as Rite Aid is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company must delete all images and data derived from the facial recognition system and enhance its data security. The technology, deployed secretly in 200 stores since 2012, often in low-income, non-white neighborhoods, was criticized for causing false positives and mistreatment of customers, with employees wrongly accusing them of criminal activities. The FTC highlighted the system's racial bias and lack of accuracy testing. Rite Aid ceased using this technology three years ago and disagrees with the allegations.

🤖 UK Supreme Court Rules: AI Can't Be Credited as Inventor

The UK Supreme Court ruled that artificial intelligence (AI) cannot be recognized as an inventor in patent applications, aligning with previous U.S. decisions. The case involved Stephen Thaler, founder of AI system DABUS, who sought to register DABUS as the inventor of a food container and a flashing light beacon. Both the UK Intellectual Property Office and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected his requests, maintaining that only humans or companies can be recognized as inventors. The ruling underscores ongoing legal and ethical debates about AI's role in creation and innovation, with implications for AI-generated works and their legal protections.

🖼️ Disturbing Find: CSAM in Popular AI Training Dataset

Stanford researchers discovered that the LAION-5B dataset, used by Stable Diffusion for AI image generation, contained over 1,600 links to child sexual abuse material (CSAM). The dataset, which scrapes the internet for images and alt text, was investigated for CSAM presence. Initially trained on a different LAION variant, Google’s Imagen found inappropriate content in its datasets. LAION, managing the dataset, and Stability AI, creator of Stable Diffusion, responded with measures to address the issue. Stanford's report raises concerns about the potential influence of CSAM on AI models and suggests deprecating and ceasing the distribution of models trained on LAION-5B.

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  1. Kai Bird, coauthor of J. Robert Oppenheimer's biography "American Prometheus," has joined a group of authors in a copyright lawsuit against generative AI companies. This legal action is separate from other similar cases like George R.R. Martin, though they are in the same court district, hinting at potentially interconnected outcomes.

  1. ChatGPT now lets you archive chats. The feature is out now on the web and iOS, and OpenAI says it’s coming to Android “soon.”

  1. GreyOrange, a company specializing in warehouse robotics, has raised $135 million in Series D financing, reflecting the continued growth and interest in the fulfillment sector. This funding, led by Anthelion Capital, will support the expansion of their full-stack solutions for warehouses, including autonomous mobile robots and fleet management software.

  1. DP Technology, a Chinese AI startup focusing on molecular simulations, is expanding globally, starting with the U.S. Founded in 2018, the company combines machine learning with molecular simulations to improve scientific computing in various fields. Despite geopolitical tensions, DP aims to leverage its scientific computing tools and SaaS platform to advance in biopharmaceutical research and semiconductor development.

  1. ImpriMed, a California-based precision medicine startup initially focused on AI-powered cancer treatments for dogs and cats, is now expanding its technology to human oncology. Having raised $35 million, the company utilizes AI to personalize treatment regimens using existing drugs to improve cancer care efficiency and outcomes. ImpriMed's approach has shown promising results in veterinary medicine and is preparing to enter human clinical applications.

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Amelia Winger-Bearskin is an influential artist and technologist, an Associate Professor of Artificial Intelligence and the Arts at the University of Florida, and a Seneca-Cayuga Nation of Oklahoma, Deer Clan member. She empowers people to use cutting-edge technology for positive global change​​​.

What does she do?
Amelia is the founder of several innovative projects, including Wampum.Codes is an award-winning podcast and ethical framework for software development rooted in indigenous co-creation values. Her work often intersects with environmental and social issues. Her project Sky/World Death/World, part of The Whitney’s Sunrise/Sunset series, combines animations and poetic text to explore Indigenous creation myths and themes of renewal and ephemerality​​​​​.

What’s in her toolbox?
Her toolbox encompasses a range of AI technologies, digital storytelling tools, and immersive VR/AR techniques. She uniquely blends these with her deep understanding of indigenous values and narratives, creating a powerful fusion of technology and tradition​​​.

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