⚙️ "We Must Regulate AI"

Good morning. AI is definitely the talk of the town, but there are growing concerns on a variety of fronts. As President Biden stated yesterday during an “AI summit” at the White House , there is “enormous potential and enormous danger”.

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  • 🤝 Salesforce and Accenture: A powerful partnership

  • 🔬 NSF: $140M investment into AI R&D

  • 🏛 US VP meets tech CEOs: Can she reel them in?

  • ⚔️Redfin vs Zillow: Real estate sites go head to head

  • 🔊 FTC Chair: “We Must Regulate AI”

  • 🤖 AI Metaphors: From Genies to Management Consultants


FTC Chair - “We Must Regulate AI”

Virginia Gabrielli

Big tech and regulation have long been tangled in a dance as intricate as a tango, but with fewer roses and more subpoenas. In her New York Times Op-Ed, FTC chair Lina Khan discusses the rapid growth of generative AI, drawing parallels with the Web 2.0 era and its digital titans.

Khan's argument is like a cautionary tale, emphasizing that the seemingly 'free' services provided by companies like Facebook and Google came at the cost of our privacy. It's a reminder that there's no such thing as a free lunch.

She highlights that the trajectory of the Web 2.0 era was shaped by policy choices and urges public officials to make better choices as we face a similar crossroads with AI. Learning from past mistakes is essential; after all, nobody wants a sequel to "Jurassic Park" in real life.

Khan points out several risks that AI presents, such as consolidating market dominance and turbocharging fraud. The article stresses the importance of vigilant enforcement and regulation to maintain fair competition and protect consumers. In a world where AI technologies develop at breakneck speed, regulators need to be like digital sheriffs, ready to step in when things get out of hand.

Khan's call to action is a plea for the powers-that-be to make smart decisions, keeping innovation in check without sacrificing fair competition and consumer rights. Essentially, she's asking for a balanced recipe that doesn't leave us with a tech-induced heartburn.


AI Metaphors: From Genies to Management Consultants

AI vs Consultant, created by AI (Midjourney)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is often compared to genies, but the metaphor is flawed and oversimplifies the potential risks. Instead, we should compare AI to a management-consulting firm, like McKinsey & Company. Both AI systems and consultancies like McKinsey have been used to drive profits at the expense of people, often eroding the middle class and contributing to wealth inequality.

AI systems can help companies evade responsibility by claiming they're following the algorithm's suggestions. But as AI grows more powerful, how can we prevent it from being just another tool for capitalism's negative effects? The key question is how to avoid AI becoming "capital's willing executioners," or enabling corporations to harm people's lives.

Creating AI that only offers pro-social solutions isn't enough because companies will likely choose AI that maximizes shareholder value over ethical constraints. To avoid AI from simply strengthening capitalism, we need to find ways for AI to assist workers rather than just management.

While some argue that AI isn't meant to oppose or strengthen capitalism, its current deployment leans towards the latter. Universal basic income is often suggested as a solution to AI-induced unemployment, but this may just be passing the buck to the government. We need to find more direct ways to ensure AI benefits everyone, not just the wealthy few.

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🤝 Salesforce and Accenture partner to establish “acceleration hub”

The two companies plan to establish a hub that provides organization with the tech and experience to leverage AI to increase employee productivity and transform customer experiences.

🔬 National Science Foundation to invest $140 million in AI research

The $140M investment will be used to launch 7 new AI research institutes to advance R&D in areas such as climate change, energy, public health, education, and cybersecurity.

🏛 US Vice President Kamala Harris meets tech executives to discuss AI

The US vice president along with other senior administration officials met with executives from top AI companies including Alphabet, Microsoft, and OpenAI to discuss reform.

⚔️ Redfin and Zillow go to battle with new ChatGPT plugins

First Zillow, then Redfin. The two real estate listing sites announce the availability of plugins for select ChatGPT users which will enhance the home search experience. Is AI search the replacement for map search?


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