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Good morning. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced the AI Safety Institute at the Bletchley AI Summit, aiming to position the UK as a frontrunner in AI policy. Despite the unveiling of the Bletchley Declaration for international AI safety collaboration, Sunak has opted to postpone AI regulations, advocating for a deeper understanding before legislative action.

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  • 🎵 Kaiber Unveils Generative AI App, Amplifying Creative Possibilities for Musicians

  • 🎙️The Voice Clone Conundrum: Scarlett Johansson Sues Over AI Ad Impersonation

  • 🚀 Brave Launches AI Assistant Leo for All Desktop Users; Unveils Premium Option

  • 🤖 Factory Seeks AI Revolution in Software Development Life Cycle

  • 🔍 Govly Aims to Simplify Finding Federal Contracts for Companies

  • 🎵 The Beatles and AI: Bridging Technology and Legacy with 'Now And Then'


Kaiber Unveils Generative AI App, Amplifying Creative Possibilities for Musicians

In a digital era where art intersects with cutting-edge technology, Kaiber emerges as a maestro of innovation. With the unveiling of its new mobile app, the AI creative studio celebrated for its work with Kid Cudi and Linkin Park now empowers artists to compose music videos using an array of generative AI tools. Click the video below to learn more about their new app 

Artistry Meets AI Innovation

Kaiber's app strikes a chord with features such as text-to-video, image-to-video, and video-to-video, harmonizing complex production tasks into simple, intuitive actions. By fusing open-source projects with its proprietary tech, the app serves as a pocket-sized production studio, offering two distinctive animation styles: the classic 'Flipbook' and the fluid 'Motion,' catering to the diverse aesthetics of social media platforms.

Synchronized Soundscapes

The app's Audio Reactivity feature allows the visual elements to dance to the rhythm of any uploaded track, offering an affordable solution for indie artists who traditionally face prohibitive costs in music video production.

Collaboration on a Creative Scale

With its 'Create with' feature, Kaiber collaborates with indie talents like Oksami, bringing an interactive angle to music video creation. This partnership not only showcases artists' work but also inspires users to explore and incorporate new music into their own projects.

Creative Control and Commercial Rights

Kaiber ensures that artists retain creative control, offering commercial rights with paid subscriptions. Those using the free version receive a Creative Commons license, making the tool inclusive while maintaining the option for monetization through an affiliate program.

Subscriptions That Resonate

Kaiber introduces a tiered subscription model, providing flexible options for creators of all scales, from emerging musicians to seasoned artists. This includes a free trial, reducing the barrier to entry for creators to experiment and express themselves through video.

A Story of Resilience and Vision

The app’s launch is a narrative of triumph over adversity. Co-founders Wang and Gao, whose first venture was quashed by the FTX crash, have rebounded with Kaiber, illustrating the transformative power of AI in the realm of music and visual arts.

In Summary

Kaiber’s app is more than a technological breakthrough; it’s a conduit for creative expression, a facilitator of artistic collaboration, and a testament to the resilience of visionaries in the face of challenges. With a user base already in the millions, Kaiber's symphony of innovation is just beginning.


The Voice Clone Conundrum: Scarlett Johansson Sues Over AI Ad Impersonation

Scarlett Johansson's unmistakable voice has become the latest battlefield in the war over AI ethics.

The Core Issue

Hollywood's A-lister is waging a legal war against Convert Software, the brains behind Lisa AI, an AI-powered image editor. At the heart of the dispute is a promotional ad for the app that used Johansson's AI-cloned voice without her permission – a move that blurs the lines between flattery and theft.

The Legal Labyrinth

As reported by Variety, a 22-second clip features Johansson's voice-alike beckoning users to explore the app's features. While the ad makes a cursory attempt at a disclaimer, stating the AI-generated images "have nothing to do with this person," Johansson's legal team is unsparing in their response. The message is clear: celebrity voices are not up for grabs, AI-generated or not.

A Tech Tipping Point

Johansson's case is far from isolated. The entertainment industry is teetering on the edge of an AI precipice, with deepfakes and voice clones creating a Wild West of digital content. It's a world where Drake could seemingly release a hit overnight, or Johnny Cash might be heard covering a pop song – all without their consent.

Future Shockwaves

The implications of Johansson's suit extend beyond the courtroom. This could set a precedent for how we govern the use of AI in media. Will the tech world heed the wake-up call, or will it be business as usual until the next celebrity claps back?

Food for Thought 🍎

Is it time for a digital Geneva Convention on the use of AI in mimicking human likenesses? And where do we draw the line between innovation and infringement? One thing's for sure: AI's potential is only as honorable as our ability to use it responsibly.

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🚀 Brave Launches AI Assistant Leo for All Desktop Users; Unveils Premium Option

Brave has launched Leo, its AI assistant, across all desktop platforms, complemented by a $15/month premium version boasting superior large language models. The assistant, capable of summarizing and rephrasing web content, emphasizes user privacy by employing anonymous servers and eschewing data storage. The premium tier promises swifter, more accurate AI capabilities. This move comes as Brave aims to bolster revenue streams after reducing its workforce by 9%, advancing its independent search technology and API services.

🤖 Factory Seeks AI Revolution in Software Development Life Cycle

Factory has introduced an AI platform designed to automate aspects of the software development life cycle, aiming to enhance developer velocity. With a recent $5 million seed funding, co-founders Matan Grinberg and Eno Reyes target tedious tasks such as code review and documentation through their "Droid" system. Despite relying on third-party AI models, Factory is working with 15 companies to refine its technology, aspiring to create robust, autonomous systems to streamline software engineering and establish it as a scalable commodity.

🔍 Govly Aims to Simplify Finding Federal Contracts for Companies

Govly has launched its platform, aiming to demystify the complexities of securing federal contracts for businesses. With the U.S. government handling contracts worth billions annually, the Weiland brothers and Jon Wright established Govly to streamline this daunting process. Recently securing $9.5 million in Series A funding, Govly offers a network for public sector procurement, leveraging AI tools like GPT-3.5 and AWS Comprehend to improve search functionality. Catering to different entities within the supply chain, Govly's platform enhances collaboration, aiming to extend beyond IT contracts to education sector opportunities.

🎵 The Beatles and AI: Bridging Technology and Legacy with 'Now And Then'

The Beatles have introduced "Now And Then," featuring John Lennon's posthumously revived voice through AI technology, a move that transcends beyond gimmickry to a poignant application of machine learning. This track, once a rough piano demo by Lennon, has been transformed with contemporary AI tools akin to advanced noise reduction techniques rather than voice imitation. Despite skepticism, the surviving Beatles and tech teams, including Peter Jackson, have leveraged MAL, an audio isolation technology, to extract Lennon's voice, presenting what may be the closest experience to reuniting the band. "Now And Then" stands as a testament to the Beatles' enduring connection and the respectful harnessing of modern tech to celebrate a lost member.

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