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Good morning. Russian President Vladimir Putin interacted with an AI version of himself during a marathon news conference, discussing the topic of his "doubles."

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  • 🚀 The Mixtral Competition Heats Up

  • 🎵 Spotify Tests AI-Driven Playlist Creation

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🚀 Cutting-Edge AI at Cut-Throat Prices: The Mixtral Competition Heats Up

 Mistral AI's release of Mixtral, a high-performance sparse mixture of experts (SMoE) model, has sparked a competitive pricing war among AI service providers. Boasting faster inference speeds and lower costs, Mixtral outshines its competitors, including Llama 2, in multiple benchmarks. Providers like Together AI are racing to offer the most cost-effective access to this advanced technology. This unprecedented blend of speed and affordability is revolutionizing the AI landscape, offering developers and businesses new opportunities for innovation and growth.

🎵 Spotify Tests AI-Driven Playlist Creation

Spotify is testing a new AI-driven feature for creating playlists using user prompts. This "AI playlists" feature, first seen in a TikTok video, allows users to generate playlists by typing or selecting prompts in a chatbot-style interface. Although Spotify hasn't committed to a launch date, this test aligns with their ongoing investment in AI technologies, including an AI DJ launched earlier this year. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has hinted at broader AI applications in music and podcast production. The company remains cautious, emphasizing that this test is part of its exploratory approach to AI integration. Click below to see the TikTok video 👇️ 


Since when did they have this update on spotify. Now they got chatGPT making our playlists… also wtf is Which House Exploration😭😭 #spotify... See more

🧠 Braintrust Data: Streamlining LLM Evaluations for Enterprises

Braintrust Data, a burgeoning startup, has secured $5.1 million in seed funding for its innovative tool designed to streamline the AI evaluation process for enterprises. Founded by Ankur Goyal, the company's product focuses on early-stage evaluations, offering features for logging LLM calls, capturing user feedback, and enabling detailed debugging before deployment. This approach, already enhancing AI accuracy for clients like Airtable and Zapier, emphasizes pre-production efficiency and security within a company's cloud environment. Alongside evaluations, Braintrust Data provides a prompt playground, dataset management, and access to popular AI models, positioning itself uniquely in the market by accelerating AI development cycles and ensuring higher quality before reaching end-users.

Have you ever had questions about a site, and wanted to dig deeper into a company or topic on the web…but just don’t know where to start?

Meet Leo. Your new AI assistant. It can make your life easier by…

  • Creating real-time summaries of webpages or videos.

  • Answering questions about existing content, and even generating new content on the fly.  

  • Giving answers you're looking for while browsing, trying to solve a problem, or creating content yourself.

Leo combines this easy, free access to AI with the privacy focus of Brave. Chats with Leo are private, anonymous, and secure. Leo doesn’t record chats, or use them for model training, and no account or login is required to use Leo. 

Brave Leo is free for all desktop users. No account or login is required to use Leo.

  1. OpenAI's separate entity, the OpenAI Startup Fund, launches Converge-2, a six-week program offering $1 million in investments to each of 10-15 AI-focused startups, irrespective of using OpenAI's APIs. The program, open globally, emphasizes diversity and requires commitment from March 11 to April 19, with key events in San Francisco.

  1. ChatGPT premium subscriptions have been enabled again after being paused while OpenAI was acquiring new GPUs.

  1. Google's Duet AI for Developers, a suite for AI-assisted code completion and generation, is now generally available, soon incorporating the Gemini model. Partnering with 25 companies for data training, Duet AI offers enhanced coding tools and will transition to a paid model in January 2024.

  1. Guardz, a startup providing AI-based security solutions for SMBs, raises $18M in Series A funding to expand its managed service platform, currently serving around 36,000 users through 200 MSPs. The investment, led by Glilot Capital Partners, will boost engineering and product development.

  1. Hyperplane, specializing in AI models for banking, announces a $6 million funding round and plans to expand from Brazil to the U.S. The startup, co-founded by experienced tech entrepreneurs, aims to enable banks to personalize customer experiences using first-party data.

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AI controversies have increased 26-fold from 2012 to 2021, highlighting the rising use of AI and a growing awareness of its misuse, including deepfakes and surveillance issues.


Wayne McGregor is an award-winning British choreographer renowned for his innovative use of AI in expanding the possibilities of human movement in dance.

What does he do? 

McGregor integrates AI into his choreography to explore new dimensions of dance. His project "Living Archive" is a collaboration with Google Arts and Culture Lab, where an AI tool generates original dance movements inspired by his 25-year work archive. This technology not only learns McGregor's choreographic style but also enables dancers to interact with it in real time, creating fresh, AI-inspired content.

What’s in his toolbox? 

McGregor's toolbox is a blend of artistic creativity and technological innovation. He employs AI tools capable of analyzing and learning from vast amounts of video content, enabling the generation of new dance movements and styles. This approach allows him to push the boundaries of traditional choreography and explore the intersection of human creativity and AI.

Here is his work:



AI-enhanced brainstorming for Creative Ideation

ChatGPT can facilitate brainstorming sessions by generating creative ideas, suggestions, and solutions for various business challenges or projects.

How It Works:

  • Input Challenge or Topic: Describe the topic or challenge you are brainstorming.

  • Specify Parameters: Mention any specific constraints or directions for the ideation process.

  • Receive Ideas: ChatGPT provides a range of ideas and creative solutions based on the input.

Why Use It?

  • Diverse Perspectives: AI can offer unique and varied ideas that might not emerge in a typical brainstorming session.

  • Efficiency: Quickly generates numerous ideas, aiding in productive brainstorming.

  • Inspiration: Helps overcome creative blocks by providing fresh perspectives and concepts.

Prompt Example:

'Provide brainstorming ideas for a marketing campaign targeting [specific audience] with a focus on [desired theme or message]. Include at least five unique concepts.''ChatGPT, summarize this article [insert article text or link] focusing on the main points and conclusions, and keep it under [specify word count or length].'


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