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  • ⚙️Microsoft Build 2023: Unleashing the Future of AI

⚙️Microsoft Build 2023: Unleashing the Future of AI

Good morning. Today, we're bringing you some fresh insights straight from the world of AI - from the groundbreaking revelations at Microsoft Build 2023, to the collective effort in battling digital misinformation, some significant funding feats in the AI realm, and exhilarating progress in AI-integrated software. So grab your midweek motivation, and let's immerse ourselves in these fascinating developments!

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  • 🔮 Microsoft Build 2023: Unleashing the Future of AI

  • 🛡️ Tech Titans Rally: Spearheading the Battle Against Digital Misinformation

  • 💰 Anthropic's Triumph: Raises $450M for AI Advancements, Eyes $5B Goal

  • 🎨 Adobe's Photoshop Leaps Forward: Incorporates Firefly-Based Generative AI

  • 💡 FlowX.ai Strikes Gold: Lands $35M for AI-Powered App Integration

  • 🎬 Gan.ai's Success Story: Bags $5.2M for AI-Driven Video Creation


Microsoft Build 2023: Pioneering the AI Revolution


We're here with an update on Microsoft Build 2023 - a grand showcase of AI developments.

Picture the AI plugin ecosystem as a buzzing hive, filled to the brim with busy bees making honey. Now, the hive's getting bigger. Microsoft's cloning the open plugin standard blueprint from OpenAI for ChatGPT. This isn't just a tech tune-up; it's a seismic shift. We're talking AI democracy, folks, where developers can churn out AI experiences across platforms like ChatGPT, Bing, Dynamics 365 Copilot, and Microsoft 365 Copilot faster than a cheetah. More compatibility, more speed, and the end game? AI tools packing more punch than a Marvel superhero.

Enter Azure AI Service, the AI toolbox from Microsoft Azure's treasure chest, geared to help businesses build, deploy, and manage AI-powered apps. Azure's been downing its energy drinks and it's bulking up. With new goodies to ramp up productivity, efficiency, and content safety, it's the knight in shining armor on a quest for safer, turbocharged AI solutions. Considering AI's all up in our grill these days, from personalized suggestions to autopilot customer service, this couldn't be more crucial.

Now, let's talk about Azure Cosmos DB. Microsoft's ninja database, working its magic without servers, spread out across the globe. It's sporting some slick new upgrades designed to dial down costs, crank up performance, and fuel developer productivity. In a tech reality where data is the lifeblood, smart and wallet-friendly data management isn't just a perk, it's the golden goose.

And what about Azure SQL Database Hyperscale elastic pools? They're rolling out a shared resource model. This big-ticket item allows developers to build, steer, and scale multiple databases in the cloud, adapting to erratic user demands like a chameleon in a paint factory. For businesses that need to bob and weave through market changes, this is a must-have.

Last, but definitely not least, Azure Confidential Computing is striding into the spotlight. This secure sanctuary processes sensitive data like a vault within a vault. With hardware-based trusted execution environments (TEEs), it safeguards data from threats even when being processed. The cherry on top? The debut of new confidential virtual machines powered by Intel's fourth-gen Xeon™ processors with TDX tech, making sure AI apps run smoother than butter on a hot pan while leveling up data protection.

For the complete recap and technical details, check out Microsoft’s post


Microsoft Leads Tech Titans in Battle Against AI-Generated Misinformation


Rewind to a recent hair-raising episode where an AI-spun image of a Pentagon explosion swept across Twitter, wreaking havoc and sending the stock market into a mini tailspin. A stark reminder of how this cyber mirage can stir up chaos in our tangible world.

Responding to this digital turbulence, Microsoft emerged bearing a gift of media provenance features. Envision these as a cyber seal of approval, empowering consumers to unmask if the video or image they see is an offspring of AI. But cracking this digital seal isn't a cakewalk. Websites need to adhere to the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) interoperable specification. This code acts as a watchdog, barking out alerts whenever AI has a hand in creating, altering, or designing content.

The weight of this initiative is resonating across the tech world. Adobe, fresh off the launch of its own AI-generating toolbox, is backing C2PA. Even companies like Stability AI are inching towards embracing a similar code. A chorus of voices, pledging allegiance to ethical AI practices, and gearing up to quell the tide of misinformation.

So, here's the scoop, Microsoft's strategy, backed by fellow tech giants, is forging a path towards preserving the truth in our digital content amidst the AI epoch. As we chart our course through this cyber sea, there's a renewed hope for such truth-guarding endeavors to fortify the integrity of our digital domain.


💰 Anthropic Secures $450M for Groundbreaking AI Advancements, Aims at $5B in Next Two Years

OpenAI competitor, Anthropic, successfully raised $450 million in its latest Series C funding round, pushing its total funding to $1.45 billion, with a reported valuation of over $4.1 billion. The funds will support the development of advanced AI systems like 'Claude', a chatbot known for its increased safety and steerability, and further generative AI research that aligns with human intentions, aiming to fuel expansion and product offerings.

🎨 Adobe Boosts Photoshop with Firefly-Based Generative AI Capabilities

Adobe's Photoshop is set to receive an upgrade with the incorporation of Firefly-based generative AI features, allowing users to extend image borders, add objects and precisely remove objects using a new generative fill feature. Despite being available only in Photoshop's beta version, the AI enhancements offer users natural language text prompts to specify image creation, though results may vary. Adobe plans to expand this generative AI technology to its photo management tool, Lightroom.

💡 FlowX.ai Lands $35M for AI-Powered App Integration

FlowX.ai, a start-up that integrates legacy and new software into a unified platform, has raised $35M in a Series A funding round. Primarily serving the financial sector, the company leverages AI to automate application creation and service integration. The funding will be used for product development and global expansion. Since its 2021 launch, the platform has served 30 million users.

🎬 Gan.ai Bags $5.2M for AI-Driven Video Creation

San Francisco-based startup Gan.ai, offering an AI-driven video creation platform, has raised $5.2M in seed funding, led by Surge, Sequoia Capital's rapid scale-up program. The platform enables brands to create personalized videos, integrating with platforms like Shopify, Calendly, Stripe, HubSpot, and Salesforce. With over 200 users including Samsung and Zomato, Gan.ai will use the funding for R&D and to expand its go-to-market team in the US.


  • Diffusion Art: Web-based, anonymous alternative to MidJourney for creating art. (link)

  • Quiltlabs: AI tool for simplifying financial modelling (link)

  • Refact AI: AI coding assistant that combines code autocompletion, refactoring, and chat inside IDE (link)

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