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⚙️ Microsoft bans the police from using their AI

Good morning. Stepping into the future of agriculture, Full Circle is harnessing AI to revolutionize insect farming in Thailand, aiming to make high-protein, low-carbon insect feed more affordable and efficient.

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🔒 Microsoft Updates Azure OpenAI Service Terms to Limit Law Enforcement Usage

💼 Startup Lamini Raises $25 Million for Enterprise AI Solutions

🛡️ Senators Introduce Bill to Track and Secure AI Systems

🤖 Victoria Shi: Ukraine's First AI-Generated Diplomatic Spokeswoman

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What’s “inside” AI? (link)

IBM’s new intro to AI course looks good (link)

📊 Funding:

AI Squared raised $13.8M to deliver data and AI insights into business applications (link)

FYLD raised £12M for its field management platform (link)

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🚫 Microsoft Restricts AI Use by US Police Departments

Microsoft has updated its Azure OpenAI Service policy to prohibit U.S. police departments from using its generative AI technologies. This move addresses concerns about potential biases and inaccuracies, such as those highlighted following Axon's announcement of a new product utilizing OpenAI’s GPT-4 for summarizing body camera audio. The revised terms also globally ban real-time facial recognition tech in uncontrolled environments by law enforcement. The policy adjustments reflect ongoing debates around AI ethics and law enforcement's use of such technologies.


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💼 Lamini Secures $25M to Enhance Generative AI for Enterprises

Lamini, a Palo Alto-based startup, has raised $25 million to develop a generative AI platform tailored for enterprises. Co-founded by Sharon Zhou and Greg Diamos, Lamini aims to provide high-accuracy and scalable AI solutions to meet corporate demands. The funding, led by Stanford professor Andrew Ng and supported by tech industry leaders, will expand Lamini's team and enhance its computing infrastructure. Lamini differentiates itself with specialized features like "memory tuning" for more accurate data recall, aiming to address common enterprise challenges in implementing generative AI.

🛡️ New AI Security Bill Proposes Database for AI Breaches

The Secure Artificial Intelligence Act, introduced by Senators Mark Warner and Thom Tillis, aims to enhance AI security by establishing a database to record AI system breaches. The bill proposes the creation of an Artificial Intelligence Security Center within the NSA to research and counter AI manipulation techniques and to guide AI security measures. Additionally, it mandates the development of this breach database by the NIST and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

🇺🇦 Ukraine Introduces AI-Generated Spokeswoman for Foreign Ministry

Ukraine has launched an AI-generated spokeswoman, Victoria Shi, to deliver official statements for its Foreign Ministry. This innovative move, a first in diplomatic services, features Shi in digital form, providing visual representations of pre-written human statements. Created by The Game Changers, she is designed after Rosalie Nombre, a Ukrainian singer, emphasizing efficiency in diplomacy. Her debut underscores Ukraine's embrace of technology to streamline diplomatic communications and manage resources effectively. Take a look at Victoria ⤵️ 

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