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Good morning. Just when you thought you'd seen it all, 7-Eleven decides to test the waters—literally—with their latest concoction: hot dog-flavored water. Perfect for those who've ever sipped their soda and thought, 'This needs more frankfurter.' AI taste testers, you're up!

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🤑 OpenAI's GPT Store Tests Revenue Sharing: A closer look at how custom AI builders might soon benefit from their creations

🌟 Elon Musk's Strategic Move: Grok AI Chatbot Now Available to All Premium X Subscribers, Aiming to Revitalize Platform Engagement

🌳 Combating Climate Challenges: How Vibrant Planet's AI Mapping Transforms Wildfire Prevention and Land Conservation

🌾 Orchard Robotics Empowers Farmers with AI-Powered Data Collectors for Enhanced Orchard Management

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AI has now brought “TED” to life (link)

AI deep fakes are becoming INDISTINGUISHABLE from real life gulp(link)

📊 Funding:

Adept raised $350M to train neural networks to perform general tasks for enterprise clients (link)

FundGuard raised $100M for its AI accounting platform (link)

💰Jobs in AI:

Machine Learning Engineer in AI startup: ALINDOR CORP · United States · Remote · Worldwide (Apply here)

Machine Learning Researcher: Cubiq Recruitment · United States · Remote Full-time · Mid-Senior level (Apply here)

Senior AI Engineer: zvelo, Inc. · United States · Remote · Full-time (Apply here)


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OpenAI's GPT store revolutionizes custom AI development and revenue sharing.

Unlocking innovation

OpenAI's GPT Store, a hub for custom AI creations, is changing how builders and users interact with generative AI. Since its launch, the platform has seen the development of over 3 million custom versions of ChatGPT, catering to a broad spectrum of needs from academic research to lifestyle advice. The GPT Store's introduction marks a significant leap forward, providing an accessible platform for both experienced developers and those without coding skills to share and monetize their innovations.

A new era of collaborative growth

As OpenAI begins testing its payment model, it paves the way for creators to earn based on the engagement their GPTs receive, fostering a community-driven ecosystem where innovation is rewarded. This initiative not only incentivizes creative development but also ensures that the GPT Store remains a dynamic and evolving marketplace enriched by the contributions of its diverse user base.


Command Your Workflow: 100 ChatGPT Prompts Tailored to Transform Your Daily Grind

Transform your workday with HubSpot's free guide, "Using ChatGPT at Work." With 100 actionable examples, learn how to navigate daily challenges, streamline processes, and revolutionize your workflow. Whether it's composing emails, generating content, or analyzing data, this guide is your key to leveraging ChatGPT for unparalleled efficiency.

Inside Your Guide:

A Treasure Trove of Prompts: A handpicked collection of 100 prompts that unlock the creative and problem-solving potential of ChatGPT.

Practical Insights: Learn how these prompts can streamline your daily tasks, from email automation to data analysis.

Expert Best Practices: Gain valuable insights into integrating ChatGPT effectively into your workflow for optimal results.

🤖 Elon Musk Expands Grok AI Chatbot Access to All X Premium Subscribers

Elon Musk announced that the AI chatbot Grok will soon be accessible to all Premium subscribers on X, not just those on the higher Premium+ tier. This expansion could be an effort to compete with other popular chatbots and possibly boost subscriber numbers amid declining platform usage. Recent data indicates a significant drop in X's user activity and a decrease in advertising revenue, with many top advertisers ceasing their spending on the platform. There’s even a new mode released, according to Elon…

🌍 Vibrant Planet's AI-Powered Mapping Revolutionizes Climate Resilience

Vibrant Planet addresses climate change and wildfire risks by digitizing land mapping and utilizing AI. Their technology, offered as an annual subscription, aids fire departments and government bodies in ineffective land management and disaster preparation, transitioning from inaccurate paper maps to a comprehensive online system. This not only facilitates better disaster planning but also encourages collaboration among different stakeholders like Indigenous tribes, conservationists, and fire chiefs, enabling them to develop land management strategies for enhanced climate resilience collectively.

🚜 Orchard Robotics' AI System: Revolutionizing Farm Data Collection

Orchard Robotics is enhancing agricultural productivity by equipping farm machinery like tractors with AI-driven data collection systems. Their technology captures detailed images of orchards, analyzing each tree for actionable insights on fruit health, distribution, and more. This innovative approach, focused initially on apple orchards, promises a significant leap from traditional manual sampling methods. Having secured $3.2 million in seed funding, Orchard aims to expand its team, further its research and development, and accelerate market reach. Take a look below ⤵️ 

Easy pickings!

Just imagine when Midjourney 7 is released…

Good luck today…

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  • Leiga: A platform for project management, task automation, workload management, and team collaboration. (link)

  • Taskbase: Virtual assistants packaged with AI powered software. (link)

  • Dollars MoCap: A motion capture solutions to create realistic animations. (link)

  • DubVid: A tool to dubs videos and multilingual translation with voice cloning and lip-syncing. (link)

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