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  • 🧠 Windows 10 Gets Smarter

  • 🤖 AI Model Earns $11,000 Monthly

  • 💼 Covera Health's Plans with $50M Funding

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🧠 Windows 10 Gets Smarter: Microsoft Rolls Out AI Copilot

Microsoft has introduced the AI-powered Copilot feature to Windows 10 users, previously exclusive to Windows 11. Available in a Release Preview version for testing, Copilot assists with queries and text generation, integrating into the taskbar. Although similar to its Windows 11 counterpart, it has some feature differences due to Windows 10's limitations. Windows 10 Home or Pro users in the Release Preview channel can currently access Copilot, with a broader rollout expected soon. Microsoft reaffirms its commitment to Windows 10 with these updates despite planning to end support in 2025. The move reflects Windows 10's enduring popularity, especially compared to the slower adoption rate of Windows 11.

🤖 AI Model Earns $11,000 Monthly

A Spanish modeling agency, The Clueless, has introduced Aitana López, the country's first AI influencer, capable of earning up to $11,000 per month as a model. López, a pink-haired 25-year-old AI-generated character, has gained 144,000 Instagram followers. The agency created López to overcome issues with real models and influencers, citing ego and reliability problems. López's personality is based on societal preferences, and she earns over 1,000 euros per advert, with monthly earnings ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 euros. The rise of AI models in the social media and adult content spheres indicates a growing trend. 

💼 Covera Health's Plans with $50M Funding

AI-enabled radiology performance platform Covera Health has secured an additional $50 million in Series C funding and completed its acquisition of CoRead, an AI-powered radiology quality assurance company. Covera Health, based in New York, utilizes AI and data analytics to enhance radiology accuracy and reduce misdiagnosis. Their Radiology Centers of Excellence platform guides patients to high-quality radiology providers and collaborates with payers to promote value-based payment. The acquisition of CoRead will be integrated into Covera's platform, and the funds will be used to expand their payer and provider marketplace. The company aims to revolutionize healthcare through AI applications. 


Building an image application requires much more than just a model. You need a way to manage and scale Stable Diffusion your way.

With OctoML:

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  1. Microsoft changed its AI image generator after Disney complained that it was creating too many “fake Disney posters.”

  1. MagnificAI’s mindblowing upscale feature completely re-imagines its images. The Star Wars images re-imagined in this video are mind-blowing. 

  1. Defog is now running their new 7B AI model fully on an M1 Mac with 76% SQL-eval accuracy, promising a future of powerful, local AI computing.

  1. Tldraw and fal.ai in tandem have probably the best AI drawing and upscaling in the world. Here is a video of them in combination drawing a tyrannosaurus rex.

  1. Neuralink, the brain-wave-reading implantable chip company founded by Elon Musk, raised an additional $43 million in venture capital, totaling $323 million in funding

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  • ClientReports.ai: AI client report generator (link)

  • HeyMind: iOS app that helps users explore their own thoughts (link)

  • TubeBuddy: Help YouTubers and brands optimize for increased views and subscribers (link)

  • AITerm: Assist developers and command-line users (link)

  • BYOB: Assist with all data and decision-making needs (link)

  • VSUB: Create video captions with 98.5% accuracy in minutes (link)

  • TaleAI: Create immersive AI-powered story games (link)

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Recent surveys show that U.S. adults are considerably more concerned about AI than they are excited.


Claire Silver is an anonymous AI collaborative artist known for her innovative blending of AI technologies with traditional art forms. Her work delves into themes of innocence, trauma, the hero’s journey, and the evolving perception of these concepts in an increasingly transhumanist future.

What does she do?

Silver is a pioneer in the AI art world, merging classical artistry with artificial intelligence. She challenges conventional boundaries of art, creating pieces that resonate both with familiarity and innovation.

What is her toolkit?

Claire Silver's toolkit is a diverse blend of AI tools and traditional methods. 

She uses Artbreeder, Collage by Studio Morphogen, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and StabilityAI. Complementing these, she also incorporates hand painting and other digital techniques to create her unique aesthetic.

Here is her work:

Name: Page_300

Name: Page_312

Name: Page_15

Brainstorming Business Strategies with ChatGPT

For business owners looking to brainstorm innovative strategies, ChatGPT can be a powerful ally. It can help generate fresh ideas, suggest new approaches, and offer insights on various business topics.

How It Works:

State Your Business Topic: Begin by telling ChatGPT about the specific business area or challenge you're focusing on. For example, "expanding market reach" or "improving customer retention."

Request Creative Ideas: Ask ChatGPT to provide suggestions or innovative strategies related to your topic.

Why Use It?

Diverse Perspectives: Gain a wide range of ideas that you might not have considered.

Idea Generation: Quickly generate a list of potential strategies to explore further.

Time-Saving: Streamline the brainstorming process and focus on the implementation of the best ideas.

Prompt Template:

“I have a problem in my [insert what your business does/is]. I [want/need] to [insert want/need, e.g., expand into a new market], but I am not sure of ways I can do this. Can you brainstorm solutions and ideas on ways I can do this? Use any brainstorming method you deem appropriate."


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