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Good morning. In a world where earrings do more than just accessorize, researchers have unveiled smart earrings that monitor your body temperature, merging fashion with health tech. It seems even our jewelry is getting smarter—thanks to AI.

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🖥️ Nvidia releases new tool enabling personalized AI chatbots on local PCs: Chat with RTX allows users to customize models with their own data

♻️ Mozilla downsizes as it refocuses on Firefox and AI: A strategic overhaul to prioritize core browser development and AI integration amid industry changes

🧠 ChatGPT will now remember — and forget — things you tell it to: OpenAI's latest update introduces memory controls for a customized AI conversation experience

🇪🇺 EU AI Act secures committees’ backing ahead of full parliament vote: Setting the stage for a comprehensive, risk-based regulatory framework for AI applications across Europe

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AI is coming to your headphones 👀 (link)

TikTok’s new image-to-video tool (link)

📊 Funding:

Send AI raised €2.2M to end manual data entry work (link)

💰Jobs in AI:

MATLAB Expert - AI Training: Braintrust · New York City Metropolitan Area. Remote · Part-time · Associate (apply here)


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🖥️ Nvidia Tool Allows AI Chatbots to Run Locally on PCs

Nvidia has released Chat with RTX, a new tool enabling GeForce RTX GPU owners to run AI chatbots like ChatGPT offline on their Windows PCs. Users can customize models with personal data to get personalized responses. Check out the release ⤵️ 

Query Documents and Media

By connecting GenAI models to local files, notes, and media, Chat with RTX allows text queries related to that content. Responses are powered by the user's data rather than a general web corpus.

Limitations Exist

Chat with RTX lacks conversation memory and relevance varies based on data size and quality. But local AI can be faster, more private, and personalized. As tools spread, benefits must be weighed against potential harms.

Wider Local AI Trend

Nvidia's release comes amid predictions of major growth in on-device AI, from PCs to smartphones. While democratizing access, it also means guardrails are necessary as usage expands. But the trend promises more privacy and personalization.

Mozilla Refocuses on Firefox and AI, Announces Major Layoffs and Product Cuts 🔄🏦 

Mozilla, known for the Firefox browser, is undergoing significant organizational changes under its new interim CEO, including layoffs affecting about 60 employees and a strategic shift in product focus. The company plans to reduce its investments in several products, such as its VPN, Relay, Online Footprint Scrubber, and the 3D virtual world Hubs, to concentrate more on integrating "trustworthy AI" into Firefox. This decision aims to leverage the potential of AI and the content discovery capabilities of Pocket, amidst the rapidly evolving generative AI landscape. Mozilla's move reflects a refocusing effort on its core product, Firefox, responding to its market share challenges and the need for a more agile approach in the social media space through mozilla.social.

ChatGPT Gets Smarter with New Memory Features 🧠

OpenAI is introducing a new feature in ChatGPT that allows the AI to remember or forget specific information shared by users, enhancing personalized interactions. This functionality, currently in testing for a select group of ChatGPT users, aims to make the AI's responses more relevant by carrying over details from one chat to another. Users can command ChatGPT to remember particular facts, check what the AI has retained, or disable memory entirely for a more privacy-focused experience. Additionally, OpenAI is launching a Temporary Chat mode, ensuring conversations start with a clean slate, ideal for users seeking privacy. While these developments promise a more customized chat experience, OpenAI is mindful of the potential for storing sensitive information, assuring users of steps to limit the AI from proactively remembering personal details unless explicitly requested. Take a look below. 👇️ 

EU AI Act Gains Momentum with Parliamentary Committees' Endorsement 🇪🇺

The European Parliament's civil liberties (LIBE) and internal market (IMCO) committees have overwhelmingly supported the EU AI Act, a draft legislation aimed at regulating artificial intelligence through a risk-based framework. The Act, proposed in April 2021, categorizes AI applications based on their potential risks, outlining specific regulations for high-risk uses in sectors like education, health, and employment while deeming most AI applications as 'low risk'’ The legislation also proposes the creation of regulatory sandboxes for testing risky AI applications in controlled environments. Despite initial minimal stir, the rise of generative AI has spotlighted the Act, leading to debates among EU lawmakers and Member States over its scope and provisions for general-purpose AIs. The Act's passage seems likely following its approval in committee votes and a critical Member State vote earlier this month, with a phased rollout expected between 2024 and 2027. However, some opposition remains, particularly from the Pirate Party, which criticizes the Act for potentially enabling facial surveillance and a surveillance state culture.

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