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Good morning. As if clinging to a piece of cinematic history, someone just shelled out a whopping $718,750 for the door from 'Titanic.’ AI isn't the only thing people are willing to invest heavily in.

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🎥 OpenAI's sora revolutionizes storytelling: a leap into ai-generated video, blending imagination with groundbreaking technology

👀 Apple’s iOS future is bright with potential AI partnerships, including Anthropic

👂️ AI-coustics emerges with funding to revolutionize audio clarity through AI

🤝 Intel, Google, and others target Nvidia’s AI dominance with the open-source initiative

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Not even meta can pay AI talent enough 🤯 (link)

BBC to stop using AI in their promos after insane backlash (link)

Meet the Claude 3 Journalist (this is mental) (link)

📊 Funding:

Together AI raised $106M for open-source AI models (link)

Pi Health raised $30M for cancer treatment (link)

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OpenAI's Sora Unveils the Future of AI-Generated Video

Bridging Imagination and Reality

OpenAI's latest marvel, Sora, has created a buzz by transforming textual prompts into rich, dynamic video scenes, showcasing its ability to generate everything from bustling cityscapes to serene natural environments and beyond. Collaborations with visual artists and filmmakers have led to a stunning showcase of Sora's capabilities, allowing for the creation of unique visuals that push the boundaries of traditional storytelling and content creation.

Here are a few of the most insane new videos ⤵️ 

Sora for Holywood:

Elephant of leaves:

The Golden record:

A New Creative Dimension

Sora has been hailed for its revolutionary approach to video generation, enabling the creation of content that was once deemed impossible due to technical or budgetary constraints. It adheres to the user's detailed prompts and brings to life the nuanced aspects of these descriptions, making it an invaluable tool for creators seeking to explore new narratives and visual styles. Holywood movies will be entirely AI-generated. Actually filming for a nature documentary? A thing of the past. Sora is changing the game.


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👀 Apple Eyes Anthropic Partnership for iOS AI Chatbot Features

Apple is exploring partnerships with AI firms like OpenAI, Google, Baidu, and now Anthropic for iOS chatbot functionality. These collaborations could enhance iOS with chatbot features while utilizing Apple's AI for on-device capabilities. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg suggests Apple might allow developers to deeply integrate generative AI into the iPhone. Additionally, iOS 18 is rumored to feature a revamped, more customizable home screen.

👂️ AI-coustics Launches to Clear Up Your Audio with AI

AI-coustics, a German startup, has launched with €1.9 million in funding to enhance voice clarity in digital interactions using generative AI. Co-founded by Fabian Seipel and Corvin Jaedicke, the startup aims to tackle poor audio quality in online content by training models on diverse speech samples. AI-coustics offers real-time and post-processing enhancements for various platforms and devices, aiming to make digital communication clearer.

🤝 Tech Giants Unite Against Nvidia's Hold on AI Chips

A coalition led by Intel, Google, Arm, and Qualcomm is challenging Nvidia's AI chip dominance by developing an open-source software suite through The Unified Acceleration Foundation (UXL) project. This initiative aims to remove the software barriers that tie developers to Nvidia's proprietary technology, promoting flexibility and innovation in AI development. Nvidia, known for its AI-optimized chips like the H100 and H200 GPUs, has seen significant growth but faces potential competition as the UXL project seeks to democratize AI technology access.



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