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Good morning. Microsoft Paint is finally being revived and embracing AI, integrating OpenAI's Dall-E to create images from text

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🔄 Sam Altman Officially reinstated as OpenAI CEO with new board

Sam Altman has officially returned as CEO of OpenAI, accompanied by a new board, including Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, and Adam D’Angelo. In a reflective announcement, Altman thanked the team for their dedication during recent challenges, highlighting the company's commitment to advancing AI research and safety initiatives. He emphasized the importance of product development and governance improvement, signaling a focused path forward for OpenAI. This leadership reformation marks a pivotal moment in the company's journey towards developing beneficial artificial general intelligence.

📷 Amazon Launches Titan Image Generator: A New Era in AI Imagery

Amazon has joined the expanding realm of AI image generation with its new Titan Image Generator, unveiled at the AWS re:Invent 2023 conference. Available in preview on Amazon's AI platform, Bedrock, Titan Image Generator allows users to create or modify images based on textual descriptions. Trained on diverse datasets, it offers customization options while incorporating measures against toxicity and bias. While the effectiveness of these safeguards remains to be seen, Amazon promises to support customers against copyright infringement issues. This launch underscores the growing focus on intellectual property and ethical considerations in the rapidly evolving field of generative AI imagery.

🎉 Celebrating ChatGPT's Anniversary: A Year of Transformative Impact

ChatGPT celebrates its first anniversary, marking a year of significant impact and widespread adoption. With 140.7 million unique visitors in October and substantial revenue generation, ChatGPT has redefined the landscape of AI-powered conversation. Its sophisticated modeling, yielding remarkably realistic interactions, has set it apart from traditional chatbots. Despite challenges like biases and factual inaccuracies, ChatGPT has proven versatile, aiding in tasks from coding to creative writing. As ChatGPT enters its second year, it still stands at the forefront of a new era in AI and is truly the pinnacle of AI chatbots in their current state.

Leo is Brave Browser’s new AI assistant 

Have you ever had questions about a site, and wanted to dig deeper into a company or topic on the web…but just don’t know where to start?

Meet Leo. Your new AI assistant. It can make your life easier by…

  • Creating real-time summaries of webpages or videos.

  • Answering questions about existing content, and even generating new content on the fly.  

  • Giving answers you're looking for while browsing, trying to solve a problem, or creating content yourself.

Leo combines this easy, free access to AI with the privacy focus of Brave. Chats with Leo are private, anonymous, and secure. Leo doesn’t record chats, or use them for model training, and no account or login is required to use Leo. 

Brave Leo is free for all desktop users. No account or login is required to use Leo.

  1. AI startup Together has secured $102.5M in Series A funding to enhance its cloud platform, focusing on open-source AI and generative model development for easier AI integration into applications.

  1. Amazon CTO Werner Vogels spoke about the future of generative AI, predicting culturally aware models and enhanced developer productivity. He also foresees growth in FemTech, driven by societal changes and increased venture capital.

  1. Kognitos has secured $20M in funding to automate back-office tasks for businesses, offering solutions that translate English instructions into workflow automation without IT or developer assistance.

  1. Voicemod has launched new features for creating and sharing custom AI voices, allowing users to craft unique synthetic voices with various parameters and effects and share them on Community Voices.

  1. When speaking at DealBook summit 2023, Elon Musk speculated that a breakthrough in AI might have triggered the recent upheaval at OpenAI, leading to Sam Altman's brief ousting and subsequent reinstatement, possibly linked to advancements towards AGI.

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  • GitHub Co-pilot: Your AI Programming Partner (link)

  • Lumen5: AI-generated video content (link)

  • Wondershare Filmora: AI Video editing suite (link)

  • Synthesia: Turn text into videos in minutes (link)

  • Tabnine: For developers to speed up delivery and keep content safe (link)

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Crunchbase has revealed that the share of overall investment making its way into the bank accounts of AI startups in 2023 is 25%, and it’s just another sign that AI is going to dominate the tech industry during the next decade.

Source: Crunchbase

Memo Akten is an AI artist based in London, recognized for his immersive and visionary art projects. His work delves into how humans interpret the world, using machine learning to generate compelling visual narratives.

What does he do?
Akten's art primarily revolves around creating thought-provoking visual experiences through machine learning. His piece "Deep Meditations" is a prime example, using a neural network trained on diverse images to evolve and reflect the complexity of the human experience continuously.

What’s in his toolbox?
Akten employs machine learning algorithms to analyze and reinterpret a vast array of images, transforming them into captivating visual stories that challenge viewers' perceptions.

Here is his work:

Disturbed Consciousness

Deeper Meditations

Refining Sales Pitches with ChatGPT

ChatGPT can swiftly optimize sales pitches, tailoring them to specific client needs and preferences.

How It Works:

  • Input Basic Pitch: Provide ChatGPT with a basic outline of your sales pitch.

  • Specify Client Details: Include key information about the client, such as industry, company size, or specific needs.

Why Use It?

  • Tailored Pitches: Create customized sales pitches that resonate more effectively with each client.

  • Quick Turnaround: Generate revised pitches quickly, enhancing productivity.

Prompt Example:

""ChatGPT, refine this [Insert sales pitch] sales pitch for [product/service] to better suit a client in the [specific industry or client profile].""


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