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Good morning. Apple is setting its sights on Google's talent pool as it ramps up efforts to build a formidable artificial intelligence team. This strategic move could redefine the tech landscape as Apple sharpens its focus on AI.

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🤖 Decoding 'gpt2-chatbot': Could This Be the Prelude to GPT-5?

💻️ Amazon Transforms CodeWhisperer into Q Developer, Expands AI Coding Capabilities

🤝 Yelp Launches New AI Chatbot for Streamlined Business Engagement

🛡️ SafeBase Raises $33 Million, Innovating AI-Driven Security Questionnaire Automation

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Nvidia’s 10 AI courses just got updated (link)

Phones are the ultimate AI gadget (link)

📊 Funding:

Spatialedge raised $3.1M to help companies build machine learning solutions (link)

MokSa AI raised $1.5M to curb shoplifting with AI cameras (link)

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Artificial Intelligence Engineer: TRAC • Intermodal Plainsboro Township, NJ, USA • Full-time (Apply here)

Senior Technology Specialist Data & AI : Microsoft • Illinois, United States • Full-time (Apply here)

Machine Learning Scientist - NLP: Observe.AI Redwood City, CA • Full-time (Apply here)


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Unraveling the Mystery of 'gpt2-chatbot' 🤖 

The AI world is buzzing with the debut of 'gpt2-chatbot,' a new large language model (LLM) stirring considerable intrigue on X. Lacking official documentation, this model has quickly captured the attention of AI researchers and enthusiasts for its advanced reasoning and ability to handle complex queries. Its performance on major benchmarking sites hints that it might surpass well-known predecessors like GPT-4, prompting widespread speculation about its potential as either a step towards GPT-4.5 or even GPT-5. Take a look at how much better it is…. 👇️ 

Speculations and Potential

Despite the lack of concrete information, the 'gpt2-chatbot' has been met with cryptic responses on social media, suggesting it may be part of a secretive 'GPT-X' project with capabilities beyond what's currently known. This has only fueled more speculation and excitement within the AI community, with everyone eager to learn more about the potential and origins of this enigmatic chatbot.

Key recap:

  • 'gpt2-chatbot' emerges as a potentially groundbreaking AI model with advanced reasoning abilities.

  • Speculation abounds that it could be an advanced iteration of OpenAI's models, potentially leading up to GPT-4.5 or GPT-5.

  • The AI community is keenly awaiting further details from OpenAI amidst hints of a secretive project enhancing its mysterious allure.


Unlock the potential of AI to orchestrate your business processes.

Where does AI fit within your hyper-automation tech stack?

Predictive, generative, and augmented artificial intelligence can power innovation within your team and make everybody’s lives easier.

However, these types of automation can also come with some unique challenges. Want to learn how to avoid them?

💻️ Amazon Rebrands AI Tool to Q Developer, Broadens Functionality for Developers

Amazon has rebranded its AI coding assistant CodeWhisperer to Q Developer, integrating it into the broader Q suite of business AI tools. The rebranded service, now part of AWS, extends its functionalities to include debugging, security scans, and code generation, like SQL. Q Developer aims to offer more versatile coding solutions, improve the relevance of programming recommendations, and feature an autonomous operation mode that enhances code implementation and testing.

🤝 Yelp Launches New AI Chatbot for Streamlined Business Engagement

Yelp has unveiled a new AI-powered chatbot within its iOS app to help users connect efficiently with businesses by describing their needs directly into the chat. This assistant, which will later expand to Android, simplifies the process of finding relevant professionals by using OpenAI's models and Yelp's data to gather project details and match users with service providers. Additionally, Yelp plans to enhance user engagement through a "Project Ideas" section and an AI-driven content personalization feature launching this summer. See how you can connect with businesses ⤵️ 

🛡️ SafeBase Secures $33M to Transform Software Security Reviews with AI

SafeBase, founded during the pandemic by Al Yang and Adar Arnon, has raised $33 million in Series B funding led by Touring Capital. The company, a Y Combinator alum, automates security questionnaires for software procurement with AI, reducing the traditionally lengthy process. Their platform uses specialized AI models to understand and respond to security documentation, aiming to streamline governance and compliance for tech buyers. SafeBase boasts a robust customer base, including Palantir and LinkedIn, and plans to expand its team with the new funding.

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