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Good morning. The rise of AI in generating fake news has led to a surge in misinformation, with websites hosting AI-created false articles increasing by over 1,000 percent.

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  • 📜 Google Facing a Class Action Lawsuit

  • 🎤 Did Elon Steal the Name “Grok”?

  • 🧠 ByteDance Misusing OpenAI’s ChatGPT

📰 Publisher's Lawsuit Challenges Google's AI Impact on News Industry

An Arkansas publisher has initiated a class action lawsuit against Google, alleging antitrust violations. The suit contends that Google's AI-driven features like the Search Generative Experience and Bard AI chatbot are depriving publishers of content, readers, and ad revenue. The complaint highlights the use of AI in reducing the need for users to visit publishers' sites, potentially cutting traffic driven by Google by up to 40%. The lawsuit seeks injunctive relief and damages, echoing global concerns about Google's dominance and its effect on the free press.

🎤 Grimes Trademarks 'Grok' for Curio's AI Toy, Predating Musk's Bot"

Grimes, the musician and artist, lent her voice to a character named Grok for Curio's AI plush toys, distinct from a similarly named AI chatbot by her ex, Elon Musk. Her involvement came first, with Curio trademarking Grok before Musk's AI venture. As a creative force and mother to Musk's child, her Grok aims to encourage imaginative play without screens. The naming coincidence, amidst their past relationship and ongoing custody dispute, adds an interesting dimension to this story, blending personal and professional narratives in the tech and entertainment worlds.

🔒 OpenAI Suspends ByteDance Over GPT Misuse for AI Development

ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, has had its account suspended by OpenAI following allegations of misusing GPT-generated data to train its own AI model in China. This action comes after a report exposed ByteDance's violation of developer licenses from Microsoft and OpenAI. OpenAI's spokesperson confirmed the suspension, emphasizing the need for adherence to usage policies. The majority of ByteDance's GPT usage was reportedly through Microsoft's Azure, and it's unclear if Microsoft will take similar action as OpenAI.

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  1. The 4K digital release of James Cameron's "True Lies" utilized AI algorithms to optimize 4K scans of the original negatives, but the result was overly sharp and unnatural, highlighting AI's current limitations in film remastering.

  1. Enterprises are cautiously exploring generative AI, with CIOs balancing the pressure to innovate against the risks of a new technology. A Morgan Stanley survey indicates that while 56% of large company CIOs see generative AI impacting investment priorities, only 4% have launched major projects. Most companies are still in the evaluation phase, weighing the potential efficiency gains against the costs and challenges of implementation.

  1. AlgorithmWatch reported that Bing Chat (Copilot) provided inaccurate information about European elections, with 31% of responses containing errors. Microsoft's chatbot often evaded questions or presented biased answers. Despite guardrails to prevent misinformation, the chatbot made false corruption allegations and performed worse in non-English languages. Microsoft plans improvements ahead of the 2024 U.S. elections, focusing on authoritative sources for Copilot.

  1. H&R Block has introduced AI Tax Assist, a new AI chatbot in its paid tax software, to help users with tax-related questions. The AI offers tax rules and exemptions advice and points to human experts for more personalized guidance. Developed with OpenAI and Microsoft models, the tool aims to keep users on H&R Block’s platform for tax queries.

  1. As coral reefs face threats from climate change, conservationists are turning to AI for help. The Coral Restoration Foundation in Florida uses AI to analyze 3D maps of reefs, streamlining the monitoring of coral health and restoration efforts. Their tool, CeruleanAI, is set for global release, offering insights into coral species and growth, aiding in effective conservation strategies.

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Despite concerns about AI usage, 65% of consumers still trust businesses that employ AI technology. This suggests that when businesses use AI responsibly and transparently, they can maintain consumer confidence and even harness AI's potential to improve customer experiences.

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Louise employs AI tools adept at analyzing and learning from dance movements, specifically using Peltarion for her research, enabling the creation of nuanced and cohesive choreographic pieces.

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