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  • ⚙️ Gemini will be "fixed within weeks" according to Google

⚙️ Gemini will be "fixed within weeks" according to Google

Good morning. Lenovo's latest unveiling has tech enthusiasts seeing right through their newest innovation—a concept transparent laptop that's nothing short of insane! How long until we have AI holograms in our living rooms?

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🏃‍♂️ Google Optimistic About Resolving Gemini AI's Historical Diversity Depiction Issue in Weeks: A Leap Towards Accurate and Inclusive AI Imagery

🤖 Mistral AI, after securing massive funding, releases 'Mistral Large' and 'Le Chat' to challenge the dominance of GPT-4 and Claude 2 while also announcing a strategic partnership with Microsoft to offer its innovative AI models to a wider audience through Azure

🌍️ Darwin AI launches an AI-powered conversational assistant to bridge the technology gap for small businesses in Latin America, enabling efficient sales lead management and integration without the need for IT expertise.

📱Arc browser introduces 'Pinch-to-Summarize': a clever AI gesture that needs fine-tuning for accuracy and journalism integrity

❓️ Misc:

9 new productivity features from Android (link)

How to get a ChatGPT widget on your home screen (link)

📊 Funding:

Levr raised $1M for its AI-powered loan platform for small businesses (link)

Rasa raised $30M to advance conversational AI innovation (link)

💰Jobs in AI:

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🏃 Google Hopeful of Fix for Gemini’s Historical-Image Diversity Issue Within Weeks

Addressing Gemini's Image Generation Concerns

Google aims to swiftly resolve the diversity-related issues plaguing its AI tool, Gemini, with a solution expected in the coming weeks. The technology giant had to suspend the tool's capability to generate images of people after it inaccurately depicted historical figures, such as the U.S. Founding Fathers, in a diverse manner contrary to historical records. Elon Musk has reportedly spoken with a “Google Exec” who also promised a quick resolution.

Insights from DeepMind's Founder

During an interview at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, DeepMind's founder, Demis Hassabis, addressed the controversy without delving into technical specifics. He suggested that the problem stemmed from the AI's failure to discern when users sought a "universal depiction" of people, highlighting the nuanced difficulties of advanced AI. Hassabis explained that the intention was to reflect a broad spectrum of humanity in response to prompts, considering Google's global user base. However, he admitted that the approach was too general, impacting even contexts where historical precision was essential.

Future Directions and Ethical Considerations

Hassabis hinted at a more discerning approach to handling prompts about historical figures in the future, emphasizing the importance of historical accuracy. The conversation also touched on the broader ethical considerations of generative AI, including the potential misuse by malicious actors and the importance of societal involvement in shaping the development and application of these technologies. Hassabis's comments reflect a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities presented by AI, suggesting a need for a collective effort in navigating its future impact.

Mistral AI Debuts 'Mistral Large' to Rival GPT-4 and Launches Chat Assistant 'Le Chat' 🚀

Mistral AI introduces 'Mistral Large,' a new large language model to compete with GPT-4 and Claude 2, alongside its chat assistant 'Le Chat.' The Paris-based startup, known for securing substantial funding quickly, aims to offer a credible alternative to OpenAI and Anthropic. Mistral Large is available via a paid API, supports five languages, and is priced competitively against GPT-4 Turbo. Le Chat, in beta, offers free access to Mistral's models, with a paid enterprise version planned. Additionally, Mistral AI announces a partnership with Microsoft to distribute its models on Azure, broadening its reach and collaboration opportunities.

Darwin AI Revolutionizes Sales for Small LatAm Businesses with AI Assistant 🌎

Darwin AI introduces a conversational AI assistant targeting small businesses in Latin America, aiming to simplify AI integration for companies without IT expertise. Founders Lautaro Schiaffino and Ezequiel Sculli, who previously founded and sold Sirena.app, developed Darwin AI to enhance sales processes by identifying and escalating potential leads directly to sales personnel. The system integrates with a company's CRM, and filters leads using AI, promising to improve conversion rates. Since its 2023 launch, Darwin has processed thousands of conversations and expects to reach over 1 million this year. The startup has raised $2.5 million in funding to develop its product further and expand its market reach.

Microsoft Expands AI Horizons with Mistral Partnership 🌐

Microsoft has entered into a multiyear partnership with Mistral, a French AI startup, marking its second significant AI collaboration following its more than $10 billion investment in OpenAI. This partnership will see Mistral's AI models, including the new Mistral Large, being made available on Microsoft's Azure AI platform. Mistral Large, designed to compete with OpenAI's GPT-4, will not be open source and aims to offer strong performance on benchmarks. Check out Mistral on Microsoft 👇️ 

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