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Good morning. While a TikToker's distress over maggot-ridden Reese’s Cups from Walmart turns stomachs, the digital realm buzzes with groundbreaking advancements in AI. Stay tuned as we sift through the virtual chatter for gems that intrigue and inform.

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  • 🤖Robotic Reinforcements: Cottesmore School's AI-Driven Leadership

  • 🎤AI-Driven Vocal Mimicry on YouTube: Innovation or Infringement?

  • 🎮 AI's Pokémon Adventure: A Journey Beyond Battles

  • 🎙️ Google's Search Now A Language Tutor: A Challenge to Duolingo?

  • 🚀 Sequoia System: Amazon's Bet on Robotics for Faster Fulfillment


OpenAI’s ChatGPT Goes Real-time: Internet Access and Image Generation

OpenAI has taken a significant leap by officially launching the Browse with Bing feature for its language model, ChatGPT. This feature enables real-time internet browsing, marking a pivotal move away from the previous limitation where ChatGPT could only access data until September 2021. This limitation had rendered ChatGPT less effective as a real-time search engine. However, the tide began to turn in March when OpenAI initiated the integration of internet services into ChatGPT through plugins. This integration matured with the incorporation of Bing web search in May, setting the stage for real-time web browsing.

The initial rollout of the browsing feature faced a hiccup due to concerns regarding the display of paywalled content. To address this, OpenAI has fine-tuned ChatGPT to respect Robots.txt files, ensuring adherence to the guidelines set forth by website owners. This meticulous attention to digital rights underscores OpenAI’s commitment to ethical web interaction. Now, with the browsing concerns alleviated, Plus and Enterprise subscribers of ChatGPT can explore the vast expanses of the internet seamlessly, making information gathering a breeze.

But that's not all. OpenAI has further enriched ChatGPT’s capabilities by entering the beta phase of DALL-E 3, a text-to-image generator now integrated with ChatGPT. This integration allows users to receive image results for their text-based queries, broadening the horizon of visual interactions. 

Additionally, ChatGPT has been empowered with audio capabilities, facilitating verbal interactions with users. The ability to interpret images has also been introduced, enabling users to upload pictures to identify objects or find similar items. These enhancements are monumental steps towards transitioning ChatGPT from a purely text-based tool to a more diversified multimedia generative platform.


AI Chatbots Joining the School Roster: A Modern Classroom Tale

In an audacious move blending technology with education, Cottesmore School in the UK has ushered in robot headteachers into its administrative forefront. The school recently introduced AI chatbots, Abigail Bailey as the AI headteacher and Jamie Trainer as the head of artificial intelligence, both donned with AI-generated headshots. Unlike conventional AI applications, Abigail Bailey is fine-tuned to operate akin to OpenAI's ChatGPT but with a specific focus on machine learning and educational management. This robotic headteacher is designed to be a right-hand aide to the human headmaster, Tom Rogerson, assisting in various school administration tasks, from drafting policies to providing specialized support for students with ADHD.

Tom Rogerson's endorsement of this innovative approach underscores the immediate assistance and expertise these robotic aides bring to the table. The convenience of having an AI companion ready to provide well-informed insights without any delay is touted as a remarkable asset. Rogerson's positive experience helps debunk the dystopian narrative often surrounding the idea of robotic headteachers and presents a case for the beneficial integration of AI in educational realms.

The wave of AI adoption in education isn't confined to Cottesmore School. A recent Teacher Tapp survey highlighted that nearly one-third of teachers are leveraging AI for diverse purposes like lesson planning, report writing, and plagiarism detection. Moreover, the school’s broader AI strategy, which extends to providing personal AI assistants to students, showcases a proactive approach to harnessing AI in nurturing personalized learning experiences. Despite the cautionary tales from some quarters about robots replacing human educators, the trend, as seen in Cottesmore, is more about AI augmenting the capabilities of teachers. The indispensable soft skills and human interaction that human educators offer remain a cornerstone of the educational ecosystem, even as robotic aides like Bailey and Trainer carve a niche in school management.

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🎤AI-Driven Vocal Mimicry on YouTube: Innovation or Infringement?

YouTube is reportedly developing an AI tool to clone famous musicians' voices, seeking rights from record labels to train the AI on their music catalogs. While no agreements have been reached, discussions continue amid concerns from musicians and record labels about copyright issues, especially in the wake of viral AI-generated music mimicking renowned artists. YouTube, which recently unveiled other AI tools for creators, aimed to announce this audio cloning tool earlier but faced rights acquisition hurdles. The ongoing negotiations highlight the legal gray areas surrounding AI-generated music, copyright infringement, and artists' rights, as platforms like YouTube aim to offer innovative, AI-powered features to users.

🎮 AI's Pokémon Adventure: A Journey Beyond Battles

Seattle-based engineer Peter Whidden has trained a reinforcement learning AI to play the iconic game, Pokémon Red, amassing over 50,000 gameplay hours. A 33-minute YouTube video detailing the AI's journey garnered 2.2 million views within nine days. The AI, using a point-based system to level up and explore, sometimes amusingly fails to progress in-game, showcasing the charming unpredictability of AI behavior. The project, shared on GitHub, has inspired others to adapt the code for different Pokémon games, bridging the gap between nostalgic gaming experiences and the fascinating world of AI.

🎙️ Google's Search Now A Language Tutor: A Challenge to Duolingo?

Google unveils a language practicing feature on Android's Search, initially rolling out in six countries, aimed at aiding users in enhancing their English speaking skills. Through interactive sessions, users receive personalized feedback on their responses, helping them identify areas of improvement. While it's designed to complement existing language learning resources, this addition brings a new dimension to Google Search, possibly challenging platforms like Duolingo. With a blend of AI and human expertise, Google's initiative could mark a significant stride in language learning, although its long-term impact or expansion into a comprehensive language learning platform remains to be seen.

🚀 Sequoia System: Amazon's Bet on Robotics for Faster Fulfillment

Amazon introduces an enhanced robotics system named Sequoia in a Houston facility, aiming to accelerate delivery fulfillment by 25%. This initiative encompasses updated sorting machines, robotic arms, and autonomous mover bots designed to work in harmony with human workers, not to replace them. Among the robotic lineup is Agility Robotics' bipedal robot, Digit, capable of handling items in warehouse spaces efficiently. While Amazon envisions scaling such robotic solutions, it reassures its one million warehouse workers of their irreplaceability. The ergonomic design of the new system also seeks to enhance workplace safety, reducing injury risks for employees handling heavy items. You can see the robots in action here.


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