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Good morning. AI documentary 'The Wizard of AI' sparks ethical debates on AI's impact on artists and creatives. The film explores AI's role in art creation, raises concerns about job displacement, and ends optimistically, suggesting that artists will adapt to new challenges.

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  • 🔍 Microsoft Bing’s new “Deep Search”

  • 🖌️ Visual Electric’s new image generator

  • ⚙️ Open AI COO says AI for business is a slow revolution

🔍 Bing Unveils 'Deep Search' with GPT-4: A New Era of Detailed Online Search

Microsoft's Bing has introduced a new "Deep Search" feature powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, designed to provide more relevant and comprehensive answers to complex queries. This enhancement builds on Bing's existing web index, using GPT-4 to create detailed descriptions of desired search results. For example, a query about Japanese loyalty programs is expanded to cover various aspects, including benefits, limitations, and comparisons. Deep Search identifies multiple possible intents for ambiguous queries, allowing users to refine their search. It delves deeper into the web, finding pages that match the expanded query and ranking them based on relevance, detail, trustworthiness, and popularity. Deep Search is optional and takes longer than a standard search, making it suitable for users needing more detailed information.

🖌️ Generative AI Meets Design: Visual Electric Launches New Image-Generation Tool

Visual Electric, backed by Sequoia Capital, has launched a generative AI-based image-generation tool tailored for designers. Founded in 2022 by Colin Dunn, Adam Menges, and Zach Stiggelbout, the company aims to solve interface challenges in AI-based image creation. Unlike linear tools, Visual Electric's generative canvas allows for a more creative and spatial workflow. The tool, which uses Stable Diffusion, GPT-3.5 Turbo, and GPT-4, offers features like color palette selection, mood settings, and iterative image generation. It's currently in beta, and used by professionals in various companies and design studios. While free with limited usage, premium plans offer enhanced features and commercial usage rights. Visual Electric, focusing on a specific user base, competes in a market with several image-generation tools from major companies.

⚙️ AI for Business: A Slow Revolution, Says OpenAI’s COO

OpenAI's COO, Brad Lightcap, cautioned against expecting AI to transform businesses overnight. In a CNBC interview, he noted that while AI, including OpenAI's offerings, can contribute to improvements, it's not a one-stop solution for significant business changes. Despite the potential of generative AI, Lightcap emphasized that AI technology is still in its experimental phase and not yet a core part of essential tools and applications. This perspective comes as OpenAI pursues enterprise users with its ChatGPT platform, designed to offer businesses better data protection and customization. The broader industry has seen mixed responses to AI implementations, with challenges in fields like finance and journalism, where AI hasn't entirely met expectations or user preferences.

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  1. Matthew Rastovac's company Respell, which helps non-technical users automate tasks with generative AI, raised $4.75 million in seed funding. Respell simplifies workflow creation, allowing users to describe what they need, leveraging mostly GPT-4. The company aims to make AI-driven automation accessible beyond technical professionals.

  1. Meta and IBM have launched the AI Alliance to support open AI innovation, focusing on trust, safety, and infrastructure. The alliance aims to enhance AI development with members like AMD and Intel but faces skepticism due to notable absences like Google and Microsoft.

  1. Rightbot, specializing in robotic freight unloading, has raised $6.25 million from Amazon's Industrial Innovation Fund. Their technology, which combines a robotic arm and computer vision, aims to automate the unloading of trucks and containers, targeting e-commerce and retail sectors.

  1. Kyron Learning, specializing in AI-based education, secured $14.6 million for expanding its conversational AI and K-12 math curriculum. Its platform offers interactive AI-assisted video lessons, now available to various organizations.

  1. The new 'Animate Anyone' technique by Alibaba Group allows the generation of realistic videos from still images, surpassing previous models like DisCo and DreamPose. While imperfect, it significantly improves on issues like detail hallucination, offering more convincing results. The technology's potential for misuse in generating fake videos is concerning, but its release is currently withheld.

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A more optimistic stat than we usually see surrounding AI… 31% of Americans expect that AI will make life and society better. We agree!

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