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  • ⚙️Chatbot Causality: AI Misleads in Courtroom Debacle!

⚙️Chatbot Causality: AI Misleads in Courtroom Debacle!

Good morning and happy Memorial Day! As we remember those who served, our AI newsletter today also navigates uncharted territories - from unexpected courtroom dramas involving chatbots to the brighter horizons that AI may bring to our work life. Let's unpack the enigma of AI together.

In today’s newsletter:

  • 😱 Chatbot Causality: AI Misleads in Courtroom Debacle!

  • 👫 Embracing AI Liberation: How Automation Paves Way for Fulfilling Futures!

  • 🎓 Nvidia's CEO Message: AI Revolution is Upon Us, Embrace It!

  • 🦷 AI-Powered Dental Innovation: Perfect Crowns at a Click!

  • 💼 Millennial Workforce: Anxiety Meets Hope Amid AI Integration!

  • 🤖 China's AI Leap: Zhihu and ModelBest Bring ChatGPT-like Features to the Forefront!


Chatbot Chicanery: When AI Goes Rogue in the Courtroom


So, there's this lawsuit against Avianca, a Colombian airline, right? But the real star of the show isn't a high-flying exec or a disgruntled passenger. Nope, it's our friend, a chatbot.

Our buddy, ChatGPT from OpenAI, was helping out the plaintiff's lawyers with some research. But plot twist! The AI ended up pulling a fast one on them, citing six cases that... well, didn't exist.

These made-up cases, complete with fake quotes and citations, were only busted when the other side's lawyers pointed out they were as real as unicorns. The US District Judge confirmed the cases were as bogus as a three-dollar bill and now there's a hearing to consider if the plaintiff's lawyers should get a slap on the wrist.

Steven A. Schwartz, the lawyer in the hot seat, admitted in an affidavit that he used the chatbot for his research. And how did he check if the cases were legit? He asked the chatbot. When he asked the bot where it got its info, it insisted the cases were real and could be found on big-shot legal databases Westlaw and LexisNexis. But the other side's lawyers exposed the AI's fibs in court, leaving Schwartz looking like he'd been punked by a robot.

So, what's our take on this?

First off, this is a big red flag about blindly trusting AI tools for research, especially when you're dealing with serious stuff like legal cases. Schwartz, who isn't even allowed to practice in the Southern District of New York, filed the lawsuit before it was moved there and kept working on the case. Now, another lawyer from his firm has to face the music and explain what went down.

But this isn't just about one lawyer's blunder. It's a wake-up call about the dangers of using AI chatbots for research without double-checking their sources. AI can mimic human language patterns so well, it can trick us into thinking it's always right. But this incident shows us that AI isn't perfect and we need to keep our critical thinking caps on.

Think of it like adding too much salt to your food. A little bit can bring out the flavor, but too much can ruin the whole dish. Same goes for AI. A little can help us out, but too much reliance without proper checks can lead to some not-so-tasty surprises.

So, remember, while AI can be a powerful tool, it's not infallible. Always double-check your sources, especially when a chatbot is involved!


AI Unshackling Humanity: Embracing Automation for a More Fulfilling Future


There's a chill in the air and it's not just because winter is coming. It's the icy fear that AI, with its relentless push towards automation, is about to snatch jobs away from us humans. But hold up! IBM's head honcho, Arvind Krishna, has a different take. He sees AI as a secret weapon to tackle a less-talked-about issue: the shrinking working-age population in developing economies. His vision? AI takes over the yawn-inducing tasks, freeing us up for jobs that pack more punch.

Picture this: a world where the daily grind of routine work is a thing of the past. AI has taken on the snooze-fest tasks, leaving us with the time and energy to tackle more challenging, engaging work. It's like a dam has burst, unleashing human potential to flow into areas that need creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence—stuff that AI still finds tricky. This is Krishna's dream, where tech gives us a leg up, boosting us to new levels of productivity and job satisfaction.

Take healthcare, for example. AI algorithms are already playing doctor, analyzing medical images and spotting abnormalities with an accuracy that's on par with, or even better than, human doctors. But don't worry, doctors aren't about to be replaced. Instead, AI frees them from the slog of wading through mountains of data, giving them more time to focus on patient care. And in customer service, AI chatbots are handling the same-old-same-old inquiries, leaving human agents free to tackle more complex, emotionally charged issues.

So, here's the idea: AI isn't the grim reaper of jobs. Instead, it's like the first rays of dawn, signaling a new era of work that values the things that make us uniquely human—the stuff AI can't copy. Krishna's view isn't just a silver lining, it's more like a full moon in a dark night, shining a positive light on the potential impact of AI on society. So, let's not let the fear of job loss overshadow the bigger picture: AI taking over the mundane could be the golden ticket to unlocking more fulfilling roles for us humans.


🎓 Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang's Empowering Message to New Graduates

In a forward-thinking commencement address, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang exhorts graduates and the business world to embrace the impending AI revolution, underlining the technology's potential to reshape jobs and spur innovation. Does he really believe this or is this statement motivated by self-interest considering Nvidia is and will continue to profit from the AI surge.

🦷 Pioneering AI Assists in Crafting Perfect Dental Crowns

An innovative AI algorithm developed by researchers from the University of Hong Kong uses 3D machine learning to design personalized dental crowns with superior accuracy, aesthetic appeal, and functionality, according to a recent study. While this promising leap in dental technology carries the potential to save time and reduce errors, it also brings into focus considerations around privacy, job loss, and reliance on technology.

 💼 Millennial Anxiety and Hope for Tomorrow's Jobs

According to a survey by HR platform Checkr, 82% of millennial workers express concerns about the technology's potential to deflate wages. Yet, despite this apprehension, 77% of millennials indicate a willingness to invest their own money into AI education to stay competitive. Will we be replaced by AI or will we see the emergence of new job opportunities and enhanced existing roles?

🤖 Zhihu and ModelBest Lead China's AI Charge, Launch ChatGPT-like Features Amid Regulatory Challenges

Zhihu, China's leading knowledge-sharing platform, has teamed up with AI start-up ModelBest to introduce a new AI-powered search function, marking a major stride in the country's AI innovation. Despite growing regulatory concerns, this implementation of ModelBest's ChatGPT-like chatbot, Luca, exemplifies China's ongoing commitment to AI development.


  • Fibery: AI-powered hub streamlines product development and management. (link)

  • Chat Bling: AI tool for simplifying financial modelling (link)

  • AdsGency: AI coding assistant that combines code autocompletion, refactoring, and chat inside IDE (link)

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