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Good morning. We hope your Christmas celebrations were joyful for those who partook. If you're ready to shift from holiday feasts to intellectual treats, let's delve back into the fascinating realm of AI.

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  • 🍎 Apple Eyes News Archives for AI Training

  • 📜 AI Bill Seeks Transparent Training Data

  • 📌 Humane’s AI Pin Clips On This March

🍎 Apple Eyes News Archives for AI Training

Apple is reportedly negotiating to license news archives from major publishers like Condé Nast and NBC News to enhance its generative AI systems. While details are scarce and publisher responses are mixed due to potential legal liabilities, the tech giant is poised to invest heavily, suggesting a competitive push in AI against rivals like OpenAI and Google. This move aligns with Apple's increasing AI investments, including developing a more sophisticated Siri and AI-integrated iOS features.

 📜 Copyright Clarity: AI Bill Seeks Transparent Training Data

A new bill, the AI Foundation Model Transparency Act, introduced by Representatives Eshoo and Beyer, mandates AI companies to disclose their training data sources. This move ensures copyright holders know if their content is used. The bill, awaiting committee assignment, also requires details on data retention, model risks, alignment with federal standards, and computational resources used.

📌 Get Ready: Humane’s AI Pin Clips On This March

Humane's AI Pin, the much-anticipated AI-powered wearable, is set to begin shipping in March 2024 for those with priority orders. The device boasts innovative features like selecting from various AI services for user queries and a projection system for screen-free interaction. However, it comes with a steep price of $699 plus a monthly subscription.

  1. During a chatbot comparison test, a chocolate cake recipe from ChatGPT surprisingly outperformed a recipe from the well-regarded Sally’s Baking Blog, indicating that AI-generated recipes can rival those created by humans.

  1. Apple researchers have developed a method to enable large language models (LLMs) to run effectively on devices with limited memory, such as smartphones. This advancement aligns with rumors of Apple preparing numerous AI-powered features for the iPhone, indicating a significant push into AI capabilities for handheld devices.

  1. Philip Willett from Missouri created a unique Christmas gift for his mother using AI to replicate his late father’s voice. The emotional moment, shared on TikTok, went viral and featured a touching video book combining the AI-generated voice message with family photos.

  1. Microsoft has released a dedicated Copilot app for Android, similar to ChatGPT, offering chatbot capabilities, image generation with DALL-E 3, and text drafting for emails and documents. It also includes free access to OpenAI's GPT-4 model, distinguishing it from ChatGPT, and no longer requires the Bing mobile app for access.

  1. The New York Times is suing OpenAI and Microsoft, alleging that they used millions of the Times' articles to train ChatGPT and Copilot, creating AI models that can replicate Times' content, leading to potential damage to the Times' readership and revenue. The lawsuit seeks "billions of dollars in statutory and actual damages" for copyright infringement.

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  • Tome: AI-powered presentation builder (link)

  • Jitter: Enables creation and editing of animated content (link)

  • BeforeSunset - AI-powered tool for calendar, task, and to-do organization (link)

  • B12: Website builder for professional services (link)

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The bar graph illustrates varying levels of concern about AI among workers, with a notable observation that those who don't use AI are less likely to worry about it. However, a tangible minority still express concern regardless of their direct engagement with AI at work.


Tega Brain is an artist and environmental engineer from Australia, known for her "eccentric engineering." She holds the role of Assistant Professor of Integrated Digital Media at New York University and has a rich history of exhibitions and discussions in notable venues and publications. Tega combines art, ecology, and engineering to create pieces that question and transform our understanding of the environment.

What does she do?

Tega's work, exhibited globally, includes projects like Deep Swamp, which merges wetland ecosystems with AI software agents. She critically engages with the intersection of computational technologies and ecological thought, as seen in her paper "The Environment is Not a System," questioning the quantification of nature through AI.

What’s in her toolbox?

With a background in both engineering and art, Tega employs an array of digital media, from custom software to sound design, to create installations that explore and challenge the ecological implications of technology

Here is her work:


Effortless Meeting Summarization

How It Works:

  1. Input Meeting Details: Provide the main topics or agenda of the meeting.

  2. Set Preferences: Choose the summary length or highlight specific items.

  3. Receive Summaries: ChatGPT creates concise and informative meeting summaries.

Why Use It?

  • Enhanced Productivity: Captures key points without needing full meeting attendance.

  • Easy Sharing: Distribute summaries for quick team updates.

  • Customizable Detail: Get the level of detail you want, from brief to extensive.

Prompt Example:

''Create a summary for a meeting about [meeting topics], focusing on [specific points]. Provide a [desired length] summary for team distribution.''


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