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Good morning. As AI reshapes education, Trinity College's Dean warns that nearly all his students use AI to craft their essays, potentially 'de-skilling' learners by reducing motivation and reliance on deep understanding. Is this undermining education or just a new tool in our learning arsenal?

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🍎 Apple Outlines Hybrid AI Strategy in Earnings Call: Expanding Intelligent Features Across Devices with Key Updates Expected at WWDC

🤖 Explore Trending Stories Faster on X with Grok AI Summaries

🚀 YouTube Premium Launches 'Jump Ahead' to Navigate Popular Video Parts

📅 Windows Pauses AI Copilot Updates Ahead of Major AI Event

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How to upskill in the age of AI (link)

AI’s impact on the job market in 2024 (link)

📊 Funding:

Symbolica raised $31M to develop AI systems to compete with OpenAI (link)

Lumana raised $24M for its AI-powered video security platform (link)

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Generative AI Consultant: Correlation One · United States · Remote · Contract (Apply here)

Generative AI Scientist: Mission Cloud · United States · Remote · Full-time · Mid-Senior level (Apply here)

NLP Annotation Specialists: Rylem Staffing · United States · Remote · Contract · Mid-Senior level (Apply here)


Take a Peek Behind the (Smart) Curtain

Best Buy has a proven record of placing early bets on home-technology products that go on to dominate the market. For example: 

Ring - acquired by Amazon for $1.2B

Nest - acquired by Google for $3.2B 

Pay attention, because Best Buy just unveiled a new smart-home product in over 100 stores that has potential for massive returns – RYSE Smart Shades. 

RYSE is poised to dominate the smart shades market (currently growing at 50% annually) and they’ve just opened a public offering of shares priced at just $1.50/share. Current shareholders have already seen their value increase 20% year-over-year, with strong upside remaining as they scale into retail. 

If you missed out on Ring and Nest, this is your chance to secure your stake in the smart home market.

🍎 Apple's Strategic AI Developments

During its Q2 earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared insights into the company's approach to AI, revealing a hybrid model for cloud services and AI development. Unlike other tech giants that heavily invest in data centers for AI, Apple will continue leveraging both its own infrastructure and third-party services. This strategy supports a broader application of AI technology across Apple's product lineup, not just the iPhone. Catch up on all the news 👇️ 

Expanding AI Across Devices

Apple envisions integrating AI across its entire device ecosystem, including MacBooks and Apple Watches, utilizing it for features like heart rhythm notifications and fall detection. The emphasis is on enhancing user experiences across all Apple products through AI. However, major AI announcements, particularly around AI-enhanced Siri, are not expected until the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, dispelling any rumors of AI features being introduced at the upcoming iPad event in May.

Key Points:

  • Apple adopts a hybrid approach to AI, using both in-house and third-party resources, avoiding heavy data center investments.

  • AI technology will be expanded across Apple’s device range, enhancing various functionalities.

  • Major AI announcements are set for WWDC in June, with no new AI features expected at the imminent iPad event.


Imagine an AI... that can type in every app on macOS with full context on what's on your screen.

Omnipilot is a Mac app that brings the power of AI to every application on your computer.

It uses the current context of the app you're working in to provide intelligent suggestions and assistance, just a shortcut away.

Whether you're writing documents, composing emails, or looking for quick answers to questions, Omnipilot is the fastest way to use AI in your work.

📰 X Introduces Grok-Powered Story Summaries for Trending News!

X, previously known as Twitter, has introduced a new feature that utilizes Elon Musk’s AI, Grok, to summarize trending stories for its Premium subscribers in the app’s Explore section. The feature allows users to grasp the essence of discussions quickly without deep reading. Each trending topic on the For You tab now comes with a concise Grok-generated summary, although it humorously reminds users to verify the AI's outputs. This initiative represents a strategic move by X to enhance user engagement and drive premium subscriptions.

🛡️ New AI Security Bill Proposes Database for AI Breaches

YouTube has expanded its AI-powered "Jump ahead" feature to Premium members, enabling them to skip to parts of videos that viewers most commonly fast forward to. This feature, available through the experimental features section on YouTube's mobile app, helps users bypass less interesting sections of videos, enhancing viewing efficiency. It's currently available for a limited time and only in the U.S. on Android devices for English videos with high view counts.

Microsoft Delays Copilot AI Updates for Windows to Refine Features 🛠️

Microsoft is pausing updates for its AI feature, Copilot, in Windows 11 to refine them based on user feedback. Existing users will find that Copilot continues to function as before. The pause in updates precedes a significant AI event by Microsoft scheduled for May 20th, where further innovations are expected to be showcased.

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