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Good morning. 41 states are suing Meta (Facebook & Instagram), claiming the platform is addictive and harmful to kids. It highlights the urgent need for ethical considerations in AI-driven engagement algorithms to prioritize user well-being over mere platform engagement. AI is truly everywhere, and this is just the start…

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  • 🎥 From Photos to AI Videos: D-ID's New Mobile App

  • 🤖 YouTube Music's AI-Generated Art: A New Era of Personalization

  • 🍏Siri and Beyond: Apple’s Billion-Dollar Focus on Generative AI

  • 🛒WorkMagic's Rise: AI-Powered Marketing for Shopify Sellers

  • 👁️Eye on Privacy: PimEyes Updates Age-Detection AI Following Scrutiny

  • 🤖 Twelve Labs: Merging Language and Video for Multimodal Understanding


From Photos to AI Videos: D-ID's New Mobile App

D-ID is revolutionizing the way we create and interact with video content through its newly launched mobile app. Originally available as a web platform named Creative Reality Studio, this app employs a mix of proprietary and open-source AI technologies to convert still images and scripted text into AI-generated videos. Users can choose from a pre-made digital person or upload their own image, input text in up to 119 languages, and even select the tone and voice for the digital person. With the capability to render video at an impressive 100 FPS—four times faster than what’s considered real-time rendering—D-ID aims to democratize video content creation.

Check out the video below to see what these AI models look like 👇

An Ethical & Versatile Player. The app isn't just another platform; it's a flexible solution aimed at various applications—from corporate training to your own creative outlet. Video outputs can stretch up to 10 minutes and are rigorously moderated to counter the spread of false information via deepfakes. Ethics in AI? D-ID is all in, pledging to stick to AI guidelines and to keep its tech away from "hot-button sectors" like political groups and arms makers.

Skyrocketing Growth and Pocket-Friendly Plans

As AI continues to shape the digital realm, D-ID's mobile iteration is a game-changer. The company discloses that its desktop version is pulling in 60,000 new users daily and has churned out over 150 million videos. With the mobile app now up and running, D-ID is set to rope in a broader audience, especially those who are mobile-first or mobile-only. Subscription plans kick off at $5.99 a month, with a 14-day trial to get you started.


Dr. Marily Nika is an AI Product Lead at Meta, formerly at Google and Harvard.

She’s also a leading AI product expert in the industry.

Now she’s sharing all her secrets in her advanced AI product management course. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Deepen your understanding of ML, NLP, generative AI, computer vision, autonomous systems, and more

  • Learn how to level up as an AI product leader at your company

  • Meet guest speakers from Amazon, Salesforce, Microsoft, and more

This is one of the most popular courses on Maven, and 800+ professionals have taken Marily’s courses.

Last chance to join this course before the deadline on November 5th.


YouTube Music's AI-Generated Art: A New Era of Personalization

YouTube Music is taking a significant step toward personalizing user experience by leveraging generative AI technology. In a feature initially rolling out to English-speaking users in the United States, the platform now allows subscribers to create customized playlist art. Users can choose from a range of thematic categories like travel, nature, and humor and then further refine their choice with specific prompts. For instance, if you opt for the animals theme, you could end up with an AI-generated image of a pug styled like a Medieval Gothic painting, adding a uniquely personal touch to your playlist.

Upcoming Features and Competitive Positioning.

But that's not all. The Google-owned music streaming service is planning more AI-centered enhancements. In the coming months, YouTube Music will introduce a new Home tab feature designed to showcase a user's recent favorites right at the top, an initiative that seems aimed at aligning the platform more closely with Spotify's user interface. This new feature joins other recent enhancements like a TikTok-style video feed called "Samples," timed lyrics for tracks, and a comments feature, positioning YouTube Music as an increasingly feature-rich competitor in the crowded music streaming landscape.

Generative AI: Beyond Functionality to Creativity

While other platforms have been dabbling in AI for various functionalities, YouTube Music's new feature represents a user-friendly application of generative AI in a creative and personal context. It not only empowers users to express themselves through AI-generated art but also demonstrates how AI can be seamlessly integrated into everyday digital experiences. For marketers and AI enthusiasts alike, this development marks an exciting advancement in the blend of technology, art, and personalization.

YouTube Music Elevates Playlist Art with AI

YouTube Music is fine-tuning the user experience by deploying generative AI for bespoke playlist art. Originally rolling out for English speakers in the U.S., the feature gives a variety of thematic choices—from travel to humor—for playlist customization. Picking "animals" as a theme might produce a playlist cover adorned with an AI-crafted pug styled in Medieval Gothic art.

What's Next for YouTube Music? Don't stop the music—YouTube Music has more in store to enrich your musical journey. A new Home tab is in the works to highlight users' recent top hits, seemingly an answer to Spotify's interface. Accompanying this are other fresh features: a TikTok-esque video reel termed "Samples," synced lyrics, and a comment section. YouTube Music is staking its claim as a formidable challenger in the teeming landscape of music streaming.

While numerous platforms employ AI for utilitarian tasks, YouTube Music is pushing the envelope with AI for artistic endeavors and self-expression. This isn't just another feature; it's an emblem of YouTube Music's drive to assimilate AI effortlessly into everyday online life.

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🍏 Siri and Beyond

Apple is investing over $1 billion yearly in generative AI to improve Siri, Messages, and more. The move aims to keep Apple competitive against rivals like Microsoft and Google, with new job listings highlighting a targeted AI integration strategy.

🛒 WorkMagic's Rise

 Launched in June 2023, WorkMagic automates marketing for Shopify sellers using AI. The startup has garnered thousands of users and secured $2 million in funding, employing 30+ people globally.

👁️ Eye on Privacy

PimEyes has prohibited searches for minors' faces and implemented an age-detection AI system. The feature is a response to a New York Times article but still faces challenges in accuracy.

🤖 Twelve Labs

Twelve Labs, is a startup that’s developing AI models for video and language understanding. It’s targeting industries like sports, media, and e-learning and has raised $10 million from Nvidia, Intel, and Samsung Next.

  • OneClickHuman: Humanize content generated by AI tools, making it more readable, better structured, and free of grammatical errors (link)

  • Fignel: Transform Figma designs into fully-responsive WordPress websites or Elementor pages (link)

  • MindwellAI: WhatsApp bot that provides mental health support services (link)

  • Weather AI: Weather forecasting tool that provides users with accurate and reliable weather information. (link)

  • Quicktask: Productivity tool that acts as your second brain for the internet (link)

  • Klipme: Visual clip maker that automatically creates clips from videos (link)

  • Holly: Tool that helps businesses automate their recruitment process (link)

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