⚙️ Amazon doubles down

Good morning. In today's twist of technology meets trickery, a man found himself $12K lighter thanks to a scam involving an AI deepfake video of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. It seems even AI is getting in on the action, proving that when it comes to scams, the future is now alarmingly creative.

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🤑 Amazon doubles down with a $4 billion investment in anthropic, aiming for supremacy in the competitive ai landscape

💼 Google.org Ignites Generative AI Innovation with $20M Nonprofit Accelerator

🎙️ Hume AI secures a $50 million investment to launch an Empathic Voice Interface, revolutionizing human-computer interaction with technology that can understand and respond to human emotions

 📘 Jamba by AI21 Labs Breaks New Ground in Generative AI, Offering Unprecedented Context Handling

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AI is now plagiarizing AI inception style (link)

Galaxy AI 👀 (link)

AI is even coming to Ray Bans now (link)

📊 Funding:

Eliyan raised $60M for chipset interconnects that speed up AI chips (link)

BigID raised $60M to propel AI data security innovations (link)

💰Jobs in AI:

Generative AI Associate: Robert Half · New York, United States · Remote · Full-time (Apply here)

Generative AI Engineer: INSPYR Solutions · Deerfield Beach, FL · Full-time · Mid-Senior level (Apply here)


Elton John’s $1.9 million Banksy sale reveals unexpected investment opportunity

Just last month, an iconic Banksy painting from the collection of Sir Elton John shattered expectations when it sold for a whopping $1.9 million at auction. But even more surprising is a group of investors also celebrating this sale: 61,000 everyday users of one investment platform. 

Why? Because that platform, called Masterworks, enables anyone to invest in shares of blue-chip paintings by artists like Banksy, Basquiat, and Picasso. This way, not only the music moguls and billionaires of the world can benefit from the art market.

In fact, each of Masterworks’ 21 exits have delivered a profit, with Masterworks investors realizing returns of 14.6%, 16.4%, and 17.8% and more.  

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Amazon doubles down

Amazon has solidified its commitment to AI, pouring an additional $2.75 billion into Anthropic, culminating in a $4 billion investment. This bold move cements Amazon's partnership with one of the leading AI innovators, placing Anthropic alongside the likes of OpenAI and Google's Gemini at the forefront of AI technology. Learn more about their partnership 👇️ 

Deepening Ties with Anthropic

Through its substantial investment, Amazon not only secures a pivotal role in Anthropic's future developments but also ensures AWS remains the computational backbone for Anthropic's AI models. This strategic alliance highlights the tech industry's ongoing race to partner with top AI entities, signaling Amazon's intent to be a dominant player in the AI revolution.

Strategic Moves in AI Investment

Amazon's completion of a $4 billion investment in Anthropic looks like a direct response to Microsoft's substantial $13 billion investment in OpenAI, highlighting the strategic battle among tech giants to secure their position in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

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Google.org's $20M Leap into Generative AI for Good 🌍

Google.org is launching a $20M accelerator program aimed at supporting nonprofits that are developing technology using generative AI. This initiative will involve 21 organizations, such as Quill.org and World Bank, providing them with grants, access to Google’s technical training, mentorship, and resources. Additionally, Google employees will collaborate with selected nonprofits to help develop their AI tools. This program reflects the growing intersection of AI technology and social impact work, highlighting both the enthusiasm for and the challenges of applying AI in the nonprofit sector.

🎙️ Hume AI raises $50M and introduces Empathic Voice Interface.

Hume AI has successfully raised $50M in a Series B funding round to develop and release its innovative Empathic Voice Interface (EVI), offering a more natural and engaging conversational experience. EVI leverages a unique empathic large language model (eLLM) for voice-to-voice interactions that are optimized for user satisfaction and understanding emotional cues to generate responses with natural speech patterns. This advancement in AI aims to revolutionize user interaction with technology by providing human-like conversational capabilities. Interested users can explore EVI's features through a demo available at Hume AI's website.

Seriously, you need to give this a try. Our team here is often impressed by AI tech… but truly shocked? That’s rare—and Hume has certainly done that 👇️ 

Jamba: Revolutionizing AI with Massive Context Windows and High Efficiency 🤖

AI21 Labs has unveiled Jamba, a new generative AI model that excels in handling extensive context windows, significantly larger than many current models, with up to 140,000 tokens on a single GPU. This model combines transformers with state space models (SSMs) for efficiency, offering three times the throughput on long contexts compared to similar-sized transformer models. Although initially for research use and lacking safeguards against generating biased or toxic text, a commercial-grade version is expected soon. Jamba showcases the potential of SSM architecture in enhancing AI model efficiency and capacity.

We’re too good no

Ah the old Windows screensavers

These also look very “Windows screensaver”

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Even Meta has gotten into it.

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