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  • ⚙️ AI Roundup: From Regulation Rallies to Healthcare Heroes

⚙️ AI Roundup: From Regulation Rallies to Healthcare Heroes

Good morning. Buckle up for another whirlwind ride through the AI landscape. From Sam Altman's call to Congress for AI regulation to the potentially massive cash-saving power of AI in healthcare, we've got all the juicy tidbits in today's newsletter. Hold onto your cowboy hats, and let's dive right in! 🤠🚀

In today’s newsletter:

  • 🏛 Sam Altman's Plea: Urges US to Regulate Artificial Intelligence

  • 🎥 Zoom Teams Up with Anthropic: Claude Chatbot Coming to Zoom Products

  • 🤖 ServiceNow Embraces AI: Partners with Microsoft, OpenAI for Tech Advancement

  • 💰 Together's Triumph: Raises $20M in Seed Funding Led by Lux Capital

  • 🔓 OpenAI's Ambitious Project: Plans to Launch an Open-Sourced LLM


AI on a Leash: OpenAI Boss Gives Congress a Wake-Up Call


It's another exciting day in the world of tech, and guess what? Sam Altman, the big cheese at OpenAI, just gave Congress a big "nudge-nudge, wink-wink" to get their act together and regulate AI. 👀

Sam's not all doom and gloom about AI, but he’s sure that if we let this tech run wild, we could be in for a world of hurt. So, he's rallying the troops for a joint mission to ensure this innovation doesn't become the villain of our sci-fi future.

But Sam's not flying solo here. He's got Gary Marcus, a professor at NYU, and Christina Montgomery, the head of Privacy & Trust at IBM, echoing his call from the digital rooftops. It’s time for some serious AI babysitting, they say, not just in Uncle Sam's backyard, but across the globe. 🌍

The Senate Judiciary Committee took a deep dive into the AI ocean, talking about everything from disinformation nightmares to job-eating robots. They even compared unchecked AI to an atomic bomb! 💣 The conversation was a mix of "AI is so cool" and "Wait, it could blow up in our faces."

Altman’s got a plan, though. A three-pointer for handling AI:

1️⃣ Set up a federal agency to license AI models

2️⃣ Establish safety standards

3️⃣ Require independent audits

And Marcus and Montgomery? They're pushing for AI creators to be as transparent as a freshly Windexed window, even suggesting "nutrition labels" for AI to explain what's been fed to them during their training. 🥦🍕

Our senators, still nursing their social media and data privacy hangovers, are keen to handle AI more proactively. They're looking at a widespread of issues, from the starving artist to the military bigwig, acknowledging the super broad influence AI could have on our lives.

In short, it's time to put AI on a leash, or we might have to deal with a very naughty pet in the future.


Cash-Saving Superhero: AI’s Billion-Dollar Lifeline to US Healthcare


A new study from Harvard and the consulting bigwigs at McKinsey just dropped a bombshell on us: AI tech could be the cash-saving superhero the US healthcare industry didn't know it needed! 💸

Here's the scoop: The existing AI tech could slash a whopping $360 billion annually from US healthcare spending. That's like cutting off 10% of its yearly spending without throwing quality or access under the bus. And all this could happen in just five years. The money-saving magic? Clinical applications of AI, like foreseeing those pesky hospital readmissions and decoding medical images. 🏥🔍

But here's the catch: Scaling AI use, especially in clinical tasks, is like trying to climb Everest in flip flops. Healthcare pros are a bit iffy on trusting AI and they're racing against the clock. ⏱️

Right now, AI is the lonely wallflower at the healthcare party, with less than 10% of organizations fully integrating it into their biz processes. That's a huge gap between what AI can do and what it's actually doing.

So, here's the deal: AI could totally rock the healthcare world by upping patient care and trimming costs. But the next few years are crucial in deciding whether this potential turns into reality. So, buckle up, techies! It's gonna be a wild ride! 🎢


🎥 Zoom Partners with Anthropic to Incorporate AI Chatbot into its Contact Center

Zoom has partnered with Anthropic to integrate its AI chatbot, Claude, into Zoom's Contact Center. This move follows a previous partnership with OpenAI, as Zoom aims to incorporate more generative AI capabilities into its services. The focus is on providing more accurate customer responses and minimizing errors. As part of the deal, Zoom has also invested in Anthropic through its venture arm.

💰 Open Source Generative AI Startup 'Together' Raises $20M in Seed Funding

Generative AI startup, Together, raised $20M in a seed round for developing open-source AI models and services. The company is creating a cloud platform aimed at cheaper and more accessible training and fine-tuning of open-source models. It is also working on projects like RedPajama, promoting open-source generative models.

💰 OpenAI Plans to Launch a New Open-Source Language Model Amidst Growing Competition

In response to an industry-wide push towards open-source large language models (LLMs), OpenAI is reportedly planning a new open-source language model launch. Despite recent significant funding, it's unlikely that OpenAI's new model will surpass its current proprietary version. This follows announcements from Meta and Google about their advancements in AI integration and generative AI capabilities, adding pressure to the AI landscape.

🤖 ServiceNow Announces AI Enhancements in Partnership with Microsoft and OpenAI

ServiceNow has revealed new generative AI features for its business applications, developed in partnership with Microsoft and OpenAI. The expansion of ServiceNow's relationship with Microsoft will grant customers access to Microsoft's AI tools and OpenAI's large language models, including ChatGPT. The new features will enable easier internal record search and facilitate tasks like generating chat responses for customer service or modifying employee benefit forms. This move positions ServiceNow amidst many tech giants that have recently unveiled AI features, often in collaboration with OpenAI.


  • Botsonic: Tool for building custom ChatGPT-like chatbots for your website (link)

  • Raizer: Find investors with Raizer AI (link)

  • Studywand: Tool that automatically turns study notes and lectures into quizzes (link)

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