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⚙️ How AI is Revolutionizing Sales Coaching

As a media company covering AI, we feel a responsibility to share information about companies at the forefront of innovation in real-world AI applications.

No company is doing more to transform how sales teams operate than Attention.

They are helping more than 150 customers — including Aircall, Clay and Finch — outperform the competition by using AI to replicate the work of 10 sales managers.

🧠 Note: New to Attention? You can schedule a demo and start using it here.

The top quartile of salespeople — what McKinsey calls the “sales leaders” —typically generate about 2.6 times the sales ROI as the laggards. These “leaders” tend to be responsible for bringing in the bulk of a given company’s revenue; Pavilion found that in 2023, just 17% of sales representatives generated 81% of revenue.

It is critical, then, for a company to narrow the gap between top performers and the rest of the team.

The only way to go about this is to identify and coach the underperformers.

This involves listening to hours of call recordings, manually filling out scorecards and coaching representatives in regular sessions, with little insight into how sales reps are improving over time.

Here is what the process looks like before and after implementing Attention:

  • Before: Sales managers spend over 30 hours a week listening to call recordings and manually filling out scorecards for each rep they oversee.

  • After: Attention’s AI scores every sales call, automatically filling out fully customizable sections of a scorecard.

  • Before: Sales managers — prone to human error — subjectively grade sales calls, creating disorganized and inaccurate data on representative progression.

  • After: Attention’s AI objectively scores each call, standardizing the grading of sales calls and enabling managers to coach representatives in a structured and organized manner.

  • Before: Sales managers store scorecards in physical copies or in online folders without any way to track improvements or measure trends across individual or team performances.

  • After: Attention's analytics dashboards enable managers to monitor the progress of sales representatives, identify individual and team trends, and understand how improvements in sales contribute to key performance indicators such as increases in win rates or average deal sizes.

Competing sales coaching solutions only track basic metrics like talk time and topic duration. These data points provide no real insight into the quality of conversations and offer no solution to the manual, time-consuming nature of sales coaching.

Attention adopts a bespoke approach with its customers, understanding the unique sales processes of each company and configuring its AI to identify key moments in each call. This can follow a standard sales methodology like SPICED or MEDDPICC or be completely customized to a company's unique processes.

🧠 New to Attention? You can schedule a demo and start using it here.

The application of AI to multiply sales team performance tenfold while saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars has arrived.

The internet, cloud and mobile have been powerful paradigm shifts since the 2000s, generating trillions of dollars in wealth for companies of all sizes.

The rise of AI is ushering in an era of unprecedented wealth creation, and we are still in the early stages of this shift.

AI for sales is one of the key areas where companies are realizing tremendous value. In 10 years, AI in sales will be commonplace, but the businesses that integrate AI into their sales processes today will have a significant advantage over the competition.

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