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Good morning. In today's tides of news, 'Pirates of the Caribbean' is setting sail once again with a reboot on the horizon. Maybe this time, AI will help map out a course for even more epic adventures. Or, at the very least, ensure Jack Sparrow's compass actually points north.

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🤖 Apple's WWDC 2024 promises an AI showcase: From deep dives into iOS and MacOS updates to groundbreaking AI innovations and potential partnerships

🌟 Adobe Summit Reveals GenStudio: A New Era for AI-Powered, Brand-Safe Marketing Content Creation

💡Artifact’s Lifeline Extended: Founders Rethink Closure Amid AI News Trend

🚀 Microsoft's Teams Evolution: New AI Copilot Features to Revolutionize Meeting Summaries and Messaging

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Ten ways to use AI on your phone (link)

Nine free Nvidia AI courses you can take. With certifications. (link)

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Cureskin raised $20M for its dermatology platform (link)

RapidCanvas raised $7.5M for its auto AI platform built for businesses (link)

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AI Sales Specialist: Zendesk · Cambridge, MA · Remote · Full-time (Apply here)

AI Writing Generalist: HireArt · Austin, TX · On-site · Full-time · Associate (Apply here)

Research Assistant - AI-Driven HR-Tech: PriceSenz · United States · Remote · Part-time · Internship (Apply here)


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Apple’s spotlight on AI at WWDC 2024: a leap into the future

Bridging the gap between current tech and visionary AI ambitions

Apple's upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), set for June 10-14, 2024, promises an “Absolutely Incredible” focus on artificial intelligence, signaling a pivotal moment for the tech giant. As Greg “Joz” Joswiak teases, this year’s event is not just about the updates across iOS, MacOS, and other operating systems but a deep dive into Apple's AI strategies, potentially unveiling groundbreaking innovations that could redefine the AI landscape on Apple devices. Here’s the sneak peak 👇️ 

A new era of AI integration in daily life

Amidst the buzz of significant updates, apple aims to stand out by embedding AI in ways that seamlessly blend with everyday tasks, moving beyond generative AI to offer more intuitive, life-enhancing tools. This move mirrors a broader industry trend towards smarter, AI-driven devices, highlighting Apple's commitment to leading in AI functionality and accessibility.

Overcoming limitations with innovation

While the anticipation builds around iOS 18 and other updates, the focus remains on how Apple plans to tackle the current AI challenges, offering solutions that are not only innovative but also responsible. With the tech community closely watching, WWDC 2024 is set to mark a new chapter in Apple's journey, potentially setting new standards for AI in technology. iOS 18 will undoubtedly be rife with AI functionality, more specifically, with Siri. The potential to have a ChatGPT-type relationship (meaning one where you can have an ongoing and productive conversation) with the command center of your phone sounds like something out of a blade-runner movie, but we’re really not far away from that now. 👇️ 

GenStudio by Adobe: Revolutionizing Brand Marketing with AI 🔥

Adobe introduced GenStudio at its Summit conference, aiming to provide brands with a brand-safe generative AI tool for marketing content creation across various channels, including social media, email, and ads. This end-to-end solution also offers campaign management and analytics, ensuring content adheres to brand guidelines. GenStudio integrates with other Adobe services, allowing for easy content remixing and customization while ensuring human oversight in content creation. The tool is designed to meet the increasing demand for personalized marketing content across diverse channels. Learn more ⬇️ 

Not the End for Artifact? 🔄

 Artifact, the AI news app created by Instagram's co-founders, might not close despite previous announcements. The app continues to run, operated solely by its founders, exploring future possibilities. Artifact, known for its AI-driven news personalization and unique features like summarization and headline clarity, has attracted significant attention. Although social functionalities were removed, its news reading and summarization features remain, reflecting ongoing interest in AI-enhanced news experiences.

Microsoft Teams Boosts AI Copilot for Smarter Meetings and Chats 💼

Microsoft Teams is set to receive enhanced AI-powered Copilot features aimed at improving meeting summaries, message composition, and call recaps. Copilot will soon integrate spoken transcripts and chat into a unified view, offer creative rewriting options for messages, and automatically summarize phone calls. These upgrades, coupled with new hybrid meeting capabilities like automatic camera switching and speaker recognition, aim to streamline the Teams experience for remote and in-room participants, with new carrier partnerships expanding Teams Phone Mobile's reach.

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  • Pieces for Developers: An on-device AI copilot that streamlines development tasks across your entire workflow. (link)*

  • Craft: A platform for document creation, project management, and team collaboration. (link)

  • DryMerge: A tool to automate repetitive tasks. (link)

  • DataMotto: A tool to automate data preparation by cleaning, preprocessing, and enriching data for analysis. (link)

  • Glowbom: A tool to create apps and games without coding by turning sketches into exportable code for multiple platforms. (link)

  • Suno 3.0: A tool to create music and speech. (link)

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