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  • ⚙️ AI Outsmarts Superbugs: The Healthcare Hero of the Future!

⚙️ AI Outsmarts Superbugs: The Healthcare Hero of the Future!

Good morning. As we gear up to wrap up another busy week, let's take a deep dive into some ground-breaking developments in the AI realm. So whether you're sipping your first coffee of the day or settling into your morning routine, let's explore the news that's buzzing from healthcare breakthroughs in AI to Nvidia's impressive rise, along with a range of other incredible achievements in AI tech.

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  • 🦠 AI Outsmarts Superbugs: The Healthcare Hero of the Future!

  • 🎮 Nvidia's Grand Act: Gaming Titan Rises as AI Champion!

  • 🤖 TikTok Trials Tako: The Future of Video Discovery!

  • 🚀 Paradigm Pivots: Crypto VC Expands into AI Frontier!

  • 💬 ChatGPT App Stuns: Half a Million Downloads in Six Days!

  • 🏦 JPMorgan Bets on AI: Unveils IndexGPT for Investment Advice!


AI Turned Super-Sleuth Smashes Superbugs: Meet the Future of Healthcare!


Grab your detective hats, we're diving into a world where AI turns into Sherlock Holmes, and some serious miscreants are about to meet their match.

Our story kicks off at MIT and McMaster University, where the brainiacs have whipped up a machine-learning model that's got a nose for sniffing out chemicals like a seasoned sommelier. Its target? Acinetobacter baumannii, the sneaky bacteria hiding out in hospitals and causing antibiotic-resistant infections.

Talk about sci-fi turning reality, right? AI has officially joined the healthcare league, and it's more like a CSI agent than a RoboCop. It’s ditching the futuristic, Terminator-esque aura, and is flexing its muscles against an army of 7,000 potential drug compounds, scouting for the ultimate weapon. And bingo, it finds a diabetes drug candidate that turns out to be a one-shot-kill for our nasty bug.

The newfound antibiotic, newly christened as abaucin, attacks the villainous bacterium with sniper-like precision, leaving the good bacterial guys unharmed.

Abaucin isn't just a glimmer of hope in the world of medical science, but a beacon for a future where AI and healthcare join forces, pushing limits and smashing ceilings.

AI, our lab-coat-clad superhero, stands victorious, eyes set on a horizon aglow with the promise of medical breakthroughs yet to come. The villain’s been busted, but the saga continues. Welcome to a world where AI isn't just a bunch of code - it's a caped crusader, dedicated to making the world a healthier place, one algorithm at a time.


Nvidia: From Gaming Wizard to AI Rockstar - Charting the Course of our AI-infused Future


The Silicon Valley superstar Nvidia, famous for its mind-blowing graphics in video games, has a new gig in town - becoming the Elon Musk of artificial intelligence.

Nvidia's GPUs, once the Gandalfs of the gaming world, have now become the sought-after number crunching ninjas for AI.

Nvidia now boasts an astronomical market cap of $939.3 billion, putting it in the same league as tech Goliaths Tesla ($584.7 billion) and Facebook ($647.6 billion). Nvidia, once the warm-up act, is now the headliner, dazzling us with its sudden surge in AI. It’s like the obscure garage band that suddenly goes platinum, with a 24% rocket ride in stock prices, and blasting past Wall Street predictions to forecast a cool $11 billion in Q2 2023 sales.

But hold your horses, it's not all smooth sailing for Nvidia. Plot twist - big tech companies, perhaps a tad green-eyed, are trying their hand at making their own chips. But industry insiders whisper that these efforts might not measure up, and Nvidia's show-stealing performance may continue to hog the limelight.

As the curtain falls, Nvidia basks in the glow of the spotlight, the unexpected maestro now composing the AI symphony. Who would've thought the company celebrated for helping gamers take down mythical beasts would now be navigating the course of our AI-driven future?


🤖 TikTok's New AI Bot, Tako, Set to Revolutionize Video Discovery

TikTok is testing Tako, its own AI chatbot, to provide users with video recommendations and insights. Currently, in limited trials, Tako aims to redefine how users discover and engage with content, promising a leap beyond conventional search methods.

🚀 Paradigm VC Firm Expands From Crypto to AI

Paradigm, a renowned crypto-focused venture firm, is broadening its portfolio to include AI and other frontier tech, amid industry-wide crypto challenges and rising AI prominence.

💬 ChatGPT App Surges Past 500K Downloads in Less Than a Week

OpenAI's ChatGPT app has impressively achieved over half a million downloads in just six days since its launch. Despite competition from other AI chatbot apps, ChatGPT emerged as a top performer, ranking among the highest in new app releases this year. The AI app saw significant success in the US iOS market, hinting at its potential to soon surpass other search-focused alternatives.

🏦 JPMorgan Developing AI Service for Investment Advice, Seeks Trademark for IndexGPT

JPMorgan Chase is working on a ChatGPT-like AI service, dubbed IndexGPT, aimed at selecting investments for customers. The financial institution has applied to trademark the product this month. The software leverages artificial intelligence for analyzing and selecting financial securities according to customer needs. While several other banks have tested GPT technology internally, JPMorgan may be the first to plan a customer-facing GPT-like product. The company must launch IndexGPT within three years after approval to secure the trademark.


  • Kodezi: AI platform that provides tools to maximize programming productivity. (link)

  • Durable: Tool for building websites without coding (link)

  • Duonut: DIY no-code platform gamifies user acquisition and retention (link)

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