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Good morning. In today's "Humans Still Got It" segment, a YouTuber convinced folks in Japan he was MrBeast, proving that it's not just AI pulling the digital wool over our eyes.

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⌨️ Devin, the AI software engineer: navigating the implications of AI in automating software development and the potential job displacement debate

📰 OpenAI's strategic partnerships with news giants may set a costly precedent for AI model training, stirring debate over innovation and copyright

🎮️ DeepMind's new AI model SIMA blazes a trail for adaptable, instruction-following companions in the gaming universe

🛡️ Microsoft introduces Copilot for Security, an AI chatbot for cybersecurity professionals, with an innovative pay-as-you-go model

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Pinterest’s new AI tool looks interesting (link)

ChatGPT as a humanoid robot?! (link)

📊 Funding:

Empathy raised $47M for AI to help with the practical and emotional bereavement process (link)

Defense Unicorns raised $35M for National Security systems (link)

💰Jobs in AI:

Senior Engineer - Generative AI -CTO: American Express · Phoenix, AZ · Hybrid · Full-time · Executive (Apply here)


Have you heard of Magic Loops?

Magic Loops are the fastest way to combine code and LLMs.

What does that mean?

It means you (yes, even non-programmers) can finally wield code and the power of AI to create useful (and fun!) personal automations.

What can you build?

Here are recent examples from actual users:

  • Create a custom "personal trainer" AI that responds to my text messages

  • Generate social media posts based on my new Real Estate postings

  • Create a custom pie recipe based on my favorite city (happy Pi day!)

With 23,000 Loops created so far, what are you waiting for?

Introducing Devin: The AI Software Engineer from Cognition AI

A Leap in AI-Driven Software Development

Cognition AI has unveiled Devin, a groundbreaking AI agent capable of planning and executing comprehensive software engineering projects with minimal input. Devin operates within a sandbox environment, utilizing a code editor and web browser to autonomously solve tasks, learn from experiences, and even rectify its mistakes. This innovation has garnered attention from notable figures in the AI field, including former Tesla AI director Andrej Karpathy, and received substantial backing from investors like Peter Thiel. Take a look at just how insanely good Devin is… 👇️ 

Devin's Role as a Collaborative Teammate

Positioned as a "teammate" rather than a replacement for human engineers, Devin aims to augment the software development process. It provides real-time progress reports and works alongside human engineers, who can offer feedback to refine project outcomes. According to Scott Wu, Cognition’s co-founder and CEO, Devin's integration into engineering teams allows human colleagues to tackle more complex challenges and set loftier goals.

Benchmarking Success and Access to Devin

Devin has demonstrated its capabilities by outperforming specialized coding models and major language models on SWE-bench, a benchmark for software engineering tasks. Its superior performance highlights its potential to impact the software development industry significantly. Although Devin is not yet publicly available, Cognition plans to offer early access to select engineering teams, with a technical report on Devin's achievements to be released soon.


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📰 OpenAI Forges Ahead with News Publisher Deals Amidst Legal Battles

OpenAI has recently announced licensing deals with major news publishers Le Monde and Prisa Media, signaling a strategic move to integrate French and Spanish news content into ChatGPT. These partnerships will enrich ChatGPT's responses with current events coverage and expand OpenAI's training data. The specifics of the financial arrangements remain undisclosed, but estimates suggest OpenAI could spend between $4 million and $20 million annually on news content licensing. This spending is part of a broader discussion about the costs of licensing data for AI training and the potential barriers it creates for smaller AI ventures and researchers. The debate touches on the need for a balanced approach that compensates publishers fairly while ensuring open access to training data for innovation. The situation underscores the complex interplay between copyright, AI development, and the sustainability of the news industry in the era of generative AI.

🎮 Google DeepMind's SIMA AI: A Leap Towards Cooperative Game Companions

Google DeepMind has developed SIMA (scalable instructable multi-world agent), a groundbreaking AI model trained to play multiple 3D video games and respond to human verbal instructions. Unlike traditional game NPCs, SIMA lacks direct access to game code, learning instead from extensive human gameplay footage and annotations. This method allows SIMA to recognize and execute various game actions based on visual cues, demonstrating a significant leap toward creating AI companions that can generalize skills across different games. The project, involving collaboration with game developers like those of Valheim and Goat Simulator 3, aims to enhance gaming experiences with AI companions that can perform a broad range of tasks and adapt to new environments, moving beyond rigid, pre-programmed behaviors. This innovation represents a shift towards more dynamic and cooperative AI agents in gaming, offering a glimpse into future possibilities for AI interaction within virtual worlds.

🛡️ Microsoft Debuts AI Copilot for Cybersecurity with Flexible Pricing

Microsoft is set to launch Copilot for Security, an AI-powered chatbot tailored for cybersecurity professionals, offering a pay-as-you-go pricing model at $4 per hour of usage starting April 1st. Leveraging OpenAI's GPT-4 and a Microsoft-specific security model, the chatbot aims to assist in identifying and protecting against cybersecurity threats. It provides real-time updates on security incidents, summarizes threats, and facilitates collaboration among cybersecurity teams through a pinboard feature. Copilot for Security also enables natural language queries, file analysis, and code examination, with all interactions logged for audit purposes. This initiative is part of Microsoft's broader effort to enhance cybersecurity, especially in light of attacks from state-sponsored hackers and vulnerabilities in its cloud services. The consumption-based pricing model is designed to offer flexibility and scalability for businesses engaging in AI-driven security operations. Learn more ⤵️ 

Y’all are too good now aren’t you?

When is Midjourney 7 released? We need it.

Should we even bother?

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  • Videotok: A tool to automate the creation of short videos from text inputs. (link)

  • Zocket: A tool to create and deploy social media ads. (link)

  • Podsift: A tool that sends AI-generated podcast summaries to your inbox. (link)

  • Danelfin: A tool to assist investors with stock analysis. (link)

  • Omniverse Audio2Face: AI avatar and facial animation. (link)

  • Impakt: A fitness app with personalized AI coaching and accountability. (link)

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