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Good morning. Picture this: a fan at an NBA game, rocking an Apple Vision Pro, not just watching but living the game in VR. It's the ultimate courtside experience, minus the popcorn spills.

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👓New AI spectacles strive for mass appeal: Startup's $349 Frame glasses offer voice-enabled search

💻Microsoft hints at the future of AI in Windows: unveiling a smarter Copilot to redefine user interaction and productivity in Windows 11

🤐Meet Goody-2: a satirical take on AI ethics by refusing dialogue on any subject, showcasing the tension between safety and functionality in AI development.

🧑‍🎓 CodeSignal introduces CodeSignal Learn with AI assistant Cosmo: Pioneering personalized tech education paths for wide-ranging skill development.

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Welcome to the infinite monkey theorem (link)

Google’s Gemini assistant is useful but bloody annoying (link)

📊 Funding:

Robust raised $3M to expand its AI-powered delivery logistics solutions (link)

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Artificial Intelligence Engineer: Technology Group Inc (US) · New York City Metropolitan Area. On-site Full-time Mid-Senior level (apply here)

🇺🇸 These $349 AI Glasses Offer Visual Search and Analysis

New smart glasses called Frame promise AI "superpowers" like visual analysis and web search through voice commands. The $349 open-source eyewear from startup Brilliant Labs overlays results directly onto the lens. Check them out 👇

Multimodal AI Features

Frame pairs with an AI assistant app to enable real-time translations, image recognition, nutrition info lookup, and other on-demand searches. The AI learns and adapts to the user over time. Basic use is free, with a paid tier planned.

Competing in a Crowded Market

Smart glasses are not new and have had limited success so far. Frame will compete with models from Meta, Bose, and others while touting hackability. Specs like the 20-degree FOV are lower-end but may suffice for a simple text/image overlay.

Open Source OS

Running an open-source OS with few dependencies, Frame is positioned as unfettered compared to more locked-down competitors. With no required subscription, the goal is frictionless AI augmentation via voice control. But mass appeal remains uncertain.

Frame aims to push smart glasses into the mainstream with a lightweight build and voice AI integration. However, established brands have struggled to make this form factor stick. The startup hopes an open, adaptable approach gives them an edge.

Microsoft's Windows 11 Gets Smarter with Enhanced AI Copilot Features 🖥️

Microsoft is enhancing Windows 11 with advanced AI features, starting with an updated Copilot experience that suggests actions based on copied text or images directly from the taskbar. This initiative is part of Microsoft's commitment to make 2024 "the year of the AI PC," including integrating Copilot AI into the Notepad app for text and code interpretation. These developments are indicative of Microsoft's broader strategy to incorporate AI deeply within Windows, leveraging context-aware capabilities and the latest NPU hardware in laptops. With the anticipation of a significant feature update dubbed "24H2" in the second half of 2024, Microsoft is positioning Copilot as a central element of its AI-driven enhancements in Windows 11, signaling a shift towards more intelligent and interactive computing experiences.

Goody-2: The AI That Won't Discuss Anything to Stay Ethical 🤐

Goody-2, a satirical AI developed by the art studio Brain, takes ethical considerations to the extreme by refusing to engage in any discussion, labeling every inquiry as potentially offensive or dangerous. This parody highlights AI developers' challenges in balancing safety with utility, mocking the cautious approach some companies take to avoid controversial or sensitive topics. Goody-2's responses to various prompts, from the benefits of AI to cultural traditions and even literature, consistently prioritize an overly cautious stance, reflecting on the broader debate within the AI community about the limits of responsibility and the impact of excessive self-censorship on the usefulness of AI technologies.

CodeSignal Launches AI-Guided Learning Platform to Revolutionize Tech Education 💡

CodeSignal, a technical assessment firm backed by notable investors, has unveiled CodeSignal Learn, a learning platform enriched with an AI-powered assistant named Cosmo. This innovative platform offers a wide array of technical courses, from programming basics to machine learning, with plans to incorporate non-technical subjects in the future. Cosmo guides users through personalized learning paths based on their skill level and interests. The platform adopts a gamified approach to engagement, providing free users with limited interaction bars that recharge over time while offering an unlimited access tier at $24.99 per month. Initially founded as CodeFight in 2014, CodeSignal has evolved from a competitive coding platform to focus on technical assessment and now aims to bridge the skill development gap with this educational venture. Facing competition from giants like LinkedIn and Pluralsight, CodeSignal distinguishes itself with a practice-first learning philosophy and the unique support of the Cosmo AI bot, projecting significant revenue growth from this new endeavor.


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