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Good morning. Microsoft has unveiled its first custom AI chips, Cobalt and Maia, for cloud computing, challenging Nvidia's market dominance. These chips, set to power services like OpenAI and Copilot, signify Microsoft's commitment to advancing AI technology and improving Azure's performance and efficiency.

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  • 👩‍💼 Microsoft's Copilot Comes to Windows 10

  • 🎼 DeepMind Introduces 'Lyria' for AI Music Creation

  • 🍏 Ida Optimizes Fresh Product Orders for Supermarkets

  • 🛍️ Siena AI Enhances E-Commerce Customer Service with Empathy

  • 🤖 Google Expands Bard Access to Teens with Safety Measures

  • 🔍 Common Sense Media Rates AI Tools for Child Safety


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Expanding AI Capabilities: Microsoft’s Copilot Arrives on Windows 10

Microsoft’s AI-powered chatbot, Copilot, is set to expand its reach to Windows 10 users, starting with the version 22H2 release for Windows Insider program participants.

Checkout what Copilot can do below 👇

Copilot in Windows 10: Enhancing User Interaction

Windows 10's version of Copilot, while slightly pared back compared to its Windows 11 counterpart, promises to provide users with a robust AI-driven assistance experience. Users can interact with the chatbot by typing or speaking, utilizing its capabilities to ask questions and seek suggestions on various tasks and topics.

Understanding Copilot's Functional Limitations

In its current form on Windows 10, Copilot focuses on providing information and suggestions but does not yet have the ability to take actions like customizing settings or opening apps. However, Microsoft hints at future enhancements that could extend these functionalities to the Windows 10 version.

Strategic Rollout for Wider Reach

The primary motivation behind bringing Copilot to Windows 10 lies in the operating system's vast user base, which notably exceeds that of Windows 11. This strategy aims to encourage developers to create more Copilot plug-ins by targeting a larger, combined user base of both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

System Requirements and Geographic Availability

The rollout of Windows 10 with Copilot targets devices with specific system requirements, including at least 4GB of RAM and a 720p or higher display. Initially, this upgrade excludes Enterprise, Education, and company-managed Pro editions, focusing on North American markets with plans for gradual expansion to other regions.


Harmonizing AI with Music: Google DeepMind's Lyria

Google DeepMind has unveiled 'Lyria,' a revolutionary AI music generation model, at its recent announcement. This DeepDive delves into Lyria's capabilities, its integration with YouTube, and the new toolsets, Dream Track and Music AI tools, designed to enhance the creative process for artists.

Here’s an example of YouTube’s new Dream Track feature in action 👇

Lyria: A New Melody in AI Music Generation

Lyria represents a significant advancement in AI music creation, offering tools like Dream Track for YouTube Shorts creation and Music AI for generating tunes from simple hums or snippets. These tools are aimed at aiding artists in their creative processes, blurring the lines between technology and traditional music composition.

The Role of AI in Creative Arts

AI's growing role in creative arts, particularly music, has sparked debate, highlighted by its central place in discussions like the Screen Actors Guild strike. Lyria, by offering credible, aesthetically pleasing music generation, addresses concerns about AI's authenticity and artistic merit in the music industry.

DeepMind's Approach to AI-Generated Music

DeepMind's approach to AI music, encapsulated in Lyria, tackles the challenge of creating long sequences of harmonious sound. By focusing on shorter pieces initially, DeepMind demonstrates the potential of AI in producing cohesive and musically sound creations.

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🔍 Common Sense Media Rates AI Tools for Child Safety

Common Sense Media has released new ratings for AI products like Snapchat’s My AI, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion, assessing their safety for children. The ratings, based on responsible AI practices and suitability, reveal concerns about biases, privacy issues, and inappropriate content in popular AI tools.

🤖 Google Expands Bard Access to Teens with Safety Measures

Google is opening up Bard, its conversational AI tool, to teens globally, with added safety features and educational resources. Bard aims to assist teens in learning, exploring hobbies, and understanding complex concepts, including a math learning experience that offers step-by-step solutions. The launch includes safeguards against inappropriate content and tools to encourage critical thinking and information literacy.

🛍️ Siena AI Enhances E-Commerce Customer Service with Empathy

Siena AI, co-founded by Andrei Negrau and Lisa Popovici, is introducing an AI-powered customer support solution that combines the efficiency of chatbots with human-like empathy. Aimed at improving the e-commerce customer service experience, Siena AI's unique approach includes AI Personas for maintaining brand voice and a cognitive reasoning engine for complex problem-solving. The solution is gaining traction among merchants, managing up to 80% of customer interactions in over 100 languages.

🍏 Ida Optimizes Fresh Product Orders for Supermarkets

French startup Ida is revolutionizing order management for supermarkets, particularly in fresh products like fruits and vegetables. By raising $2.9 million, Ida aims to replace traditional, error-prone order sheets with an AI-driven tablet app, improving accuracy in stock management and reducing food waste. Ida's innovative approach includes a sales forecasting algorithm and a probabilistic inventory system, considering factors like weather and seasonality to enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

  • NightCafe: AI-powered tool for artistic image creation. (link)

  • BlueWillow: Generate AI-assisted visual designs. (link)

  • Fliki: Turn text into professional AI-generated videos. (link)

  • Lumen5: AI-driven platform for creating engaging videos. (link)

  • Synthesia: Create AI-generated videos in multiple languages. (link)

  • DeepBrain AI: AI tool for lifelike video synthesis. (link)

  • Stockimg: AI-powered tool for generating stock images. (link)

  • Runway: Creative toolkit for using AI in video and image production. (link)

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