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Good morning. A biocomputing system using living human brain cells has achieved a new milestone in AI, demonstrating basic speech recognition capabilities.

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  • 🌐 Snapchat+ Expands AI Offerings

  • 🔬 Transforming Food Safety with AI

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🌐 Snapchat+ Expands AI Offerings with New Image Creation Tools for Subscribers

Snapchat+ has enhanced its offering by introducing AI-generated image creation for subscribers. This feature enables users to produce images from text prompts, offering flexibility in customization and sharing. The addition complements existing AI capabilities within the app, such as AI-assisted bitmoji backgrounds and chat wallpapers.

The Dream selfie feature now accommodates group scenarios, allowing subscribers to generate images with friends in imaginative settings. The new AI-powered extend tool is a practical addition, assisting users in refining their images. While the specific AI model behind these features remains undisclosed, Snapchat's investment in AI technology is evident.

The service, priced at $3.99 per month, has gained traction with over 7 million subscribers and a significant uptick in revenue, underscoring the appeal and growth potential of these AI enhancements. 

🔬Spore.Bio: Transforming Food Safety with AI

Spore.Bio, a French startup, is revolutionizing the food industry with its innovative pathogen-detection technology. Utilizing deep learning algorithms, the company aims to speed up contamination detection in food factories, traditionally reliant on slower, petri-dish-based methods. Their system involves comparing optical light reflections from clean and unclean food surfaces to identify contamination.

Having raised €8 million in pre-seed funding, Spore.Bio plans to develop a handheld device that detects pathogens directly on the factory floor, providing near real-time insights. While navigating regulatory challenges and certification processes, the company's technology, still in patenting stages, promises significant improvements in food safety and efficiency. This development could notably reduce the food industry's estimated $50 billion annual loss due to downtime, marking a substantial advancement in food processing technology.

🚀 Relevance AI: Revolutionizing Workforces with Low-Code AI

Relevance AI, an Australian startup, is democratizing AI workforce development with its SaaS-based low-code platform. This innovative platform enables businesses of all sizes to create custom AI agents, enhancing productivity by automating repetitive tasks. With a recent Series A funding of $10 million, Relevance AI has raised $13.2 million, indicating significant market interest.

The platform has seen rapid adoption, with around 6,000 companies utilizing it for tasks like customer inquiries and market research. Relevance AI's solutions, including AI Tools and AI agents, integrate seamlessly into existing workflows, aiding in functions ranging from research to sales. Their latest flagship AI agent, the BDR agent, particularly assists sales teams in managing communication and follow-ups. With a vision that every team will employ AI agents by 2025, Relevance AI is scaling its operations, planning to increase its staff, and establish a U.S. presence in San Francisco. Click the video below to get a look at what they’re building 👇️ 

OctoAI just released blazing-fast, ready-to-use endpoints in their new Text Gen Solution, allowing you to scale seamlessly as your LLM app takes off.

Maybe you started building with GPT? Great. But it’s not always the best, fastest, or cheapest option for everything in your app. If you’re early on, you need the flexibility to explore open source LLMs and reduce your dependency on a single closed source provider.

With OctoAI:

  • Build on your choice of Llama 2-Chat, Code Llama Instruct, or Mistral Instruct models

  • Bring your fine-tuned model to run on their super-performant infra

  • Leverage a “model cocktail,” running open source alongside OpenAI

  • Build with an API compatible with OpenAI

Sign up for OctoAI today and instantly get $10 for your next project, or contact their team to discuss opportunities for fully funded proof of concept (POC) projects.

Read the blog to get started.

  1. Laredo Labs, a startup, is developing an AI-driven platform for automating software development tasks using natural language commands. Co-founded by AI veterans Mark Gabel and Daniel Lord, Laredo aims to enhance coding efficiency while navigating the competitive and legally complex landscape of generative AI in software engineering.

  1. Durable, a Canadian startup, has raised $14 million in Series A funding to expand its AI-powered tools for small businesses, including an AI website creator. These tools aim to simplify online presence and business operations for sectors like trades and service industries. Durable's vision includes an omniscient AI assistant to proactively manage business tasks, showcasing the democratizing potential of AI in modernizing small business operations.

  1. The New York Times has appointed Zach Seward, co-founder of Quartz, to lead its AI initiatives. He will form a team to explore AI tools in the newsroom, emphasizing that AI will support but not replace the work of the publication's journalists.

  1. Sports Illustrated's CEO, Ross Levinsohn, has been fired following a report about the publication using articles from fake writers with AI-generated profile pictures.

  1. Wendy's reports success with its FreshAI chatbot in drive-thru ordering, achieving 86% automation in order-taking at four Columbus, OH, restaurants. The system also shows improved efficiency, with one location being 22 seconds faster than average. Franchisees will pilot the AI next year.

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The AI software market's global annual revenue is currently over $50 billion!

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Sofia Crespo is an artist with a keen interest in the intersection of biology and technology. Her work often explores how organic life uses artificial mechanisms to simulate and evolve itself.

What does she do?

In her project "Beneath the Neural Waves," Crespo uses AI to digitally create an aquatic ecosystem, engaging with the abstract concept of relationships in nature. Another project, "Artificial Remnants 2.0," employs machine learning to generate virtual insects, complete with names and anatomical descriptions.

What’s in her toolbox?

Crespo utilizes datasets, 3D-GANs, CNNs, and GANs processed with Blender. She leverages AI to reimagine critical parts of our natural world, offering a digital perspective on biodiversity and ecosystems.

Here is her work:

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AI for Efficient Meeting Summarization

AI tools have become increasingly adept at summarizing meetings, making it easier for businesses to capture key points and action items from their discussions.

How It Works:

  • Record Meeting: The meeting is recorded either through integrated video conferencing tools or a separate recording device.

  • AI Processing: The AI tool processes the audio, identifying important points, decisions, and action items.

  • Generate Summary: The tool then produces a concise meeting summary, often with tagged sections for easy reference.

Why Use It?

  • Time-Saving: Quickly get a recap of the meeting without listening to the entire recording.

  • Accuracy: AI helps in capturing crucial details that might be missed in manual note-taking.

  • Searchability: Summaries are searchable, making it easy to find specific discussion points.

Examples of AI Meeting Summarization Tools:

  1. Fireflies.ai: Offers AI-powered meeting recording, transcription, and summarization.

  2. Attention: An AI tool that highlights key moments and generates summaries from meetings.

  3. Otter.ai: Specializes in real-time transcription and generates meeting summaries.


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