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Good morning. In today's unexpected twist, a Japanese police officer finds himself in hot water after being caught indulging in a Nintendo Switch marathon during duty hours. Perhaps it's time to consider AI supervisors?

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🗣️ Financial Times Introduces Ask FT, Leveraging Generative AI to Provide Subscribers Access to Decades of Archival Journalism

🚀 Microsoft's New Surface Line Features Exclusive Copilot Key, Emphasizing AI Integration

🤖 Astera Labs Celebrates Stellar IPO Debut with 72% Surge, Highlighting Investor Enthusiasm for AI Tech Sector

🧑‍🏭 Stability AI's Founder Emad Mostaque Resigns, Pledging to Tackle Centralized AI's Dominance

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AI-generated music is very hit or miss… (link)

rabbit r1 stats shipping March 31st (link)

Microsoft reuses its OpenAI playbook (to great success) (link)

📊 Funding:

Lily AI raised $20M for its retail AI platform (link)

Cureskin raised $20M for its dermatology platform (link)

💰Jobs in AI:

Artificial Intelligence Operations Manager: Finlay James · United States · Remote · Full-time · Mid-Senior level (Apply here)

Brand Partner Specialist-Territory, Data & AI - WatsonX: IBM · Chicago, IL · Full-time (Apply here)

AI and Data Extraction Intern: Honeycomb Credit · Pittsburgh, PA · Remote · Part-time · Internship (Apply here)


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Financial Times Launches Ask FT: An AI Chatbot Powered by Decades of Journalism

A New Era of AI-Assisted Journalism

The Financial Times (FT) is revolutionizing how subscribers interact with its wealth of journalistic content by launching Ask FT, a generative AI chatbot. This innovative tool is designed to answer a wide array of questions, from recent events to broader topics, by diving into the FT's extensive archives. Unlike general AI bots such as ChatGPT, Copilot, or Gemini, Ask FT draws from the publication's own articles, providing answers with the credibility and depth that comes from decades of authoritative reporting. Take a look at how it works 👇️ 

Accuracy and Model Agnosticism

In its early stages, Ask FT shows promise in delivering accurate, up-to-date information, such as recent developments in Microsoft's AI division. However, the tool's reliance on the FT's archives means it occasionally reflects outdated information, as seen in a test involving the 2024 US presidential election candidates. The FT aims to refine Ask FT's accuracy by continually testing and adjusting the model, emphasizing a 'model agnostic' approach to find the best fit for their needs. Currently powered by Anthropic's Claude model, the chatbot's foundation may evolve as the FT explores other options.

Beta Testing and Future Plans

Ask FT is currently available to a select group of FT Professional tier subscribers, with plans to expand access as the platform evolves. This beta phase involves meticulously tracking every question, response, and subscriber feedback to enhance the chatbot's performance. The FT's chief product officer, Lindsey Jayne, emphasizes the importance of innovation in maintaining the publication's relevance while avoiding the pitfalls of technology fads.

Microsoft Debuts Surface Devices with Dedicated Copilot AI Key 🖥️

Microsoft has introduced a dedicated Copilot key on its new Surface Pro 10 for Business and Surface Laptop 6 for Business devices, emphasizing its commitment to integrating AI capabilities directly into its hardware. Announced at a Windows-focused online event, these updates highlight Copilot's role in assisting users with various tasks such as planning their day and analyzing documents with added commercial data protection. The introduction of a Copilot key, placed strategically on the keyboard, signifies Microsoft's efforts to streamline access to AI features, drawing a parallel to the erstwhile Cortana keys. These devices, described as "optimized for AI," are equipped with Intel Core Ultra processors and Intel's AI Boost NPU, showcasing Microsoft's vision of blending traditional computing with advanced AI functionalities.

Astera Labs' IPO Soars, Spotlighting AI Hardware Demand 📈

Astera Labs, a company producing connectivity hardware for cloud computing data centers, celebrated a successful IPO, with shares closing at a 72% increase on the first day. The company, benefiting from the AI-driven demand for data movement within data centers, reported a significant revenue increase, from $79.9 million in 2022 to $115.8 million in 2023. Astera Labs' IPO, priced at $36 per share, exceeded expectations and closed at $62.03, suggesting a strong market appetite for tech companies with an AI focus. This successful debut could inspire confidence in other tech companies considering going public, amidst a period of few IPOs.

🧑‍🏭 Stability AI CEO Steps Down, Advocates for Decentralized AI Future

Stability AI's CEO Emad Mostaque steps down to focus on decentralized AI, highlighting the need for transparency and distributed governance in AI's growing importance. Facing high operational costs and fundraising challenges, Stability AI aims for financial stability. Known for Stable Diffusion, the company emphasizes open models and governance. This follows significant industry shifts, including major changes at Inflection AI.

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