Good morning. The Chiefs snagged the Super Bowl victory in a turn of events that surprised precisely no AI prediction models (because, let's face it, the Kansas City Chiefs were the favorites).

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🇺🇸 Chatbots' imagined Super Bowl outcomes highlight how AI still falls short: Google's Gemini and Microsoft's Copilot provide fictional stats for the unplayed game

🏦 OpenAI CEO Sam Altman reportedly pitches a $7 trillion AI funding project: Aiming to revolutionize chip manufacturing and AI capabilities on a global scale

📜 US Patent Office: AI is all well and good, but only humans can patent things: Defining the boundaries of AI and human contribution in intellectual property law

🧑‍🎓 CodeSignal introduces CodeSignal Learn with AI assistant Cosmo: Pioneering personalized tech education paths for wide-ranging skill development.

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Using generative AI to declare a political victory? (link)

AI pope has inspired the real pope to learn about AI 😆 (link)

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Wondercraft raises $3M for its multilingual audio content platform (link)

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🇺🇸 Chatbots Make Up Fake Super Bowl Stats, Underscoring AI Limitations

Google's Gemini and Microsoft's Copilot chatbots are responding to questions about Super Bowl LVIII with completely fabricated game stats and outcomes. This highlights the continued struggles of large language models (LLMs) like GenAI in separating fact from fiction.

Creative Embellishments

Gemini claims the Chiefs won over the 49ers, while Copilot says the 49ers prevailed. Both bots provide detailed but totally fictional breakdowns of player performances, while ChatGPT declined to speculate.




No Intelligence, Just Probability

The episode shows how GenAI chatbots readily generate falsehoods without true intelligence. LLMs rely solely on probability derived from training data, and while harmless here, the Super Bowl fiction underscores risks around AI chatbots spreading misinformation on more serious topics. It's a stark demonstration of the technology's continued limitations despite the hype.

OpenAI's Bold $7 Trillion Plan for AI and Chip Manufacturing Expansion 🏦 

OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman, is reportedly seeking to secure an unprecedented funding range of $5 to $7 trillion for a project aimed at expanding global chip-manufacturing capabilities and enhancing artificial intelligence (AI) development. This venture, discussed with various investors, including the government of the United Arab Emirates, seeks to address the scarcity of specialized AI chips necessary for training large language models (LLMs). The proposed funding amount significantly surpasses the entire projected value of the global semiconductor market, anticipated to reach $1 trillion by the decade's end, and dwarfs the market capitalizations of tech behemoths like Apple and Microsoft combined. This ambitious initiative reflects the growing demand for generative AI tools, as evidenced by the widespread interest in OpenAI’s ChatGPT and its implications for various sectors, from healthcare to finance. OpenAI recently achieved over $2 billion in annualized revenue, marking it as one of the fastest-growing tech companies in history.

USPTO Rules: Only Humans, Not AI, Can Own Patents 📜

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued guidance clarifying that only natural humans, not AI systems, can be granted patents. This decision is rooted in legal tradition and the principle of rewarding human ingenuity. While AI-assisted inventions are eligible for patents, the AI itself cannot be recognized as an inventor or co-inventor. This clarification addresses the evolving role of AI in the invention process, specifying that significant human contribution is required for a patent claim. The guidance aims to maintain the integrity of the patent system by ensuring that inventions attributed to AI systems still reflect human creativity and contribution, setting a clear boundary on the legal personhood of AI in the realm of intellectual property.

Layla Acquires AI Itinerary Bot Roam Around to Enhance Travel Planning 🌍

Travel startup Layla, supported by notable investors and celebrities like Paris Hilton, has acquired the AI-powered itinerary-building bot Roam Around, though the deal's valuation remains undisclosed. Founded by a former Google employee, Roam Around quickly gained traction by creating 10 million itineraries and attracting half a million monthly visitors. This acquisition will see Roam Around's team join Layla, enriching Layla's trip-planning capabilities with comprehensive itinerary data and integrating partnerships with travel industry giants. Layla, which leverages a vast content library from travel creators, aims to enhance its service by incorporating Roam Around's product, offering users improved itinerary planning tools. The merger is set to phase out the Roam Around brand, fully integrating it into Layla's platform and positioning Layla at the forefront of AI-driven travel planning amid a competitive landscape featuring startups and established companies adopting GPT plugins and AI-based tools for enhanced travel experiences. Take a look at how useful Roam Around is for travel ⤵️ 


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